Highroad Cave is a location in Limgrave in Elden Ring, home of the Guardian Golem, a good number of smithing stones necessary for upgrading weapons, and a handful of materials necessary to craft items. As part of our Elden Ring guide, we're going to explain how to complete Highroad Cave.

Elden Ring: How to Complete Highroad Cave

On this page, we're going to reveal how to complete Highroad Cave. We'll include the location, a walkthrough, and any additional information, like item drops.

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Highroad Cave Location: How to Find It

Highroad Cave sits just northeast of the Saintsbridge Site of Grace, but it’s only accessible from the water beneath the bridge. To get down, look for some rocks you can climb up to the south to come to a cliffside with a geyser you can use to safely descend to the waters below. Dodge the pesky land octopuses on your trip northward to the cave’s opening.

Highroad Cave: Walkthrough

Highroad Cave is a dark one, so any torch or a lantern is highly recommended before delving into its depths. With a light source at your side, begin heading deeper into the darkness, grabbing some Cave Moss on the way. You’ll quickly come to a chasm with some platforms along its edge you can use to drop down safely.

Once hitting the bottom, there’s some more Cave Moss you can grab if you wish, and a path forward into an illuminated chamber with three wolves. The larger white wolf is the strongest of the three, so it’s best to take out the two weaker ones first to make your spar with the great wolf easier. Before dropping down into the next pit, there are a couple of side paths up here – one with some more Cave Moss and another with a Golden Rune [1] guarded by another couple of wolves.

After grabbing your goodies, you’re free to begin descending the next chasm, making use of the staggered platforms downwards. These platforms are spread a bit further apart, so make use of rolls or jumps as necessary to ensure you don’t miss your mark. At the bottom, the path splits. Head westward first to find some Cave Moss at a dead end before heading the other direction.

Up ahead by the lit sconces are a couple of sleeping wolves that are easily snuck up on. Take them out and follow the path to the left behind some destructible barrels. This path ends with a ledge guarded by another wolf, and a corpse holding an Arteria Leaf. Head back to the previous chamber after grabbing the leaf, and continue onwards to another dark chamber.

This chamber contains four wolves, but they won’t attack you until you get close. Take advantage of their more docile disposition by luring them out one at a time. Rushing in right away will just draw the attention of all four wolves at once which isn’t as manageable as taking them out one-on-one. Dispatch them all to get some Fire Grease from the corpse before continuing onward.

The next chamber is where things get interesting. You’ll be in an open area with a waterfall and some bats seated on a circular platform below. Hug the left wall, drop down a level, and take out the two bats that swoop in to swipe at you. Turn around to find another bat sitting next to a Smithing Stone [1] at the end of the ledge, then head back toward the waterfall and drop down a couple of levels into the rushing water.

Straight ahead is a cave opening with two aggressive bats ready to attack. Defeat them to get a Smithing Stone [2] in the chamber they were inhabiting and head deeper inside to spot another glowing item. Look out for the small land octopuses here – they’re weak to fire if you have any at your disposal. Take them out or mosey your way around to get a Golden Rune [4] beneath the falling water.

Head back out to the larger waterfall and prepare yourself to make a tricky jump. There’s a toppled stone pillar that’s collapsed onto the circular center platform that you’ll have to reach with a jump off the waterfall. Have a look at the pillar and gauge your trajectory ahead of time, you’ll need a running start for this one. Start from the prior cave chamber to give yourself plenty of runway to get up to speed and make the jump. If you time your jump right at the end of the ledge and aim it right, you should land right on top of the pillar’s base. If you don’t make the jump, don’t fret too much as there’s a Stake of Marika at the start of this chamber you can use as a checkpoint to try again. It is a tight jump to make, but you should be able to just barely make it.

After successfully executing the tough jump, take care not to fall into the water as it’ll be an instant death. Follow the collapsed pillar onto the circular platform, and take out the two bats on the platform as well as the two additional bats that fly over to get in on the action. When the coast is clear, the Shamshir on the platform is clear for looting. The path forward is to the northeast – hop across the pillar to get to the ledge with the sconce and some Cave Moss. Avoid the stairs unless you want to take on a small land octopus, and continue into the next passageway.

The next opening holds a giant land octopus – a tough target indeed. This big guy is weak to fire just like its smaller brethren, but it’s also susceptible to staggering. If you’re able to get in some heavy strikes and get it staggered, it’ll be open for a critical hit that does massive damage. It’s likely to drop a Land Octopus Ovary if you do dispatch it, but there’s otherwise no reason not to continue onward through the next passageway where there’s a Furlcalling Finger Remedy on the ledge.

While this looks like a dead end, the path forward is just obscured by the nearby waterfall. Stay against the wall and drop down onto the rocky path below. All that’s left is to slip underneath the waterfall before coming to the boss fog gate. Grab the handful of Silver Fireflies on the cave wall to the right before preparing yourself for battle against the Guardian Golem.

Highroad Cave: Item Drops and Loot

Do you have any tips and tricks for how to complete Highroad Cave in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments section below, and check out our Elden Ring guide for more information.