How do you beat Omenkiller in Elden Ring? Located in the Village of the Albinaurics, which is in the south of the Liurnia of the Lakes, you'll need to make your way past houses and their deadly inhabitants to make it to this boss. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to beat Omenkiller.

Elden Ring: How to Beat Omenkiller

On this page, we're going to explain how to beat Omenkiller in Elden Ring. We'll include an overview of the foe, boss fight strategies, tips and tricks, and item drops.

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Omenkiller: Overview

Elden Ring: How to Beat Omenkiller Guide 1
Name Recommended Level Runes Location Item Drops
Omenkiller 45 4,900 Runes Village of the Albinaurics Crucible Knot Talisman

Omenkiller: Boss Fight Strategy

Situated next to a fire pit — which is the only real source of light in the area — the Omenkiller has three main means of attack: its two big weapons in either hand, the fire it breathes from its mouth, and Bleed damage. The swings of its weapons will deal the most damage, taking large chunks out of your health bar at a time.

However, before even engaging with Omenkiller, we recommend dealing with the two dogs just to your right. While they're weak, they can become a nuisance in combination with the boss. It puts you in a situation where you're not confident of landing an attack because Omenkiller could take advantage and kill you. Therefore, target them first.

With the dogs out of the way, the fight should be fairly simple. If your attacks hit hard enough, you're actually able to stagger the boss with every single one of your swings, meaning there's no danger to you taking damage in return whatsoever. If that doesn't happen for you, play things smart and only attack when Omenkiller leaves itself open.

Elden Ring: How to Beat Omenkiller Guide 4

It doesn't have very much health, so you'll notice its HP bar crippling fairly quickly. Also, keep an eye on the Bleed damage meter on screen if it does get some hits in — you don't want to have to contend with that if it fills completely.

Do you have more tips for how to beat Omenkiller in Elden Ring? Leave your own strategy in the comments below and check out our Elden Ring Guide for more help and information.