How do you beat Grafted Scion in Elden Ring? If you remember back to the very start of the game, this is the boss you first thought — and quickly died to. Now you're back for revenge after using an Imbued Sword Key at The Four Belfries. The location itself is called the Chapel of Anticipation. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to beat Grafted Scion.

Elden Ring: How to Beat Grafted Scion

On this page, we're going to explain how to beat Grafted Scion in Elden Ring. We'll include an overview of the foe, boss fight strategies, tips and tricks, and item drops.

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Grafted Scion: Overview

Elden Ring: How to Beat Grafted Scion Guide 1
Name Recommended Level Runes Location Item Drops
Grafted Scion 45 3,200 Runes Chapel of Anticipation

Grafted Scion: Boss Fight Strategy

The Grafted Scion is a boss with an absurd amount of limbs, and you've actually already encountered one of them before out in the open world: in Stormveil Castle. The first part of this boss fight will play out quite similarly to that engagement. The boss flails and jumps about, trying to get in as many hits as it can. You'll need to play it safe, keeping a good distance away from it while swords are swinging.

When it finishes an attack pattern, so a jump attack and follow it up with one or two blows. Make sure you have enough stamina to retreat, though, because Grafted Scion will already be winding up for another attack. You can tank these to a degree if you're levelled up enough, but don't get too complacent.

Once its health bar reaches roughly 50 per cent, it will cover two of its sword in magic, increasing how much damage they deal. This is also where the boss incorporates a big jump attack into its repertoire — another reason to stand well back and block almost all of the time. Continue to get one or two hits in here and there and you'll down the boss soon after. It doesn't have that much health, so it's a fairly easy kill now that you're a considerably higher level compared to the beginning of the game.

Do you have any strategies for how to beat Grafted Scion in Elden Ring? Leave your own strategy in the comments below and check out our Elden Ring Guide for more help and information.