How do you beat Commander Niall in Elden Ring? Found at the top of Castle Sol, Commander Niall is an optional boss fight located in the Mountaintops of the Giants region. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to beat Commander Niall. Killing the boss unlocks the Commander Niall Trophy.

How Do You Beat Commander Niall in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring: How to Beat Commander Niall Guide 1

On this page, we're going to explain how to beat Commander Niall in Elden Ring. We'll include an overview of the foe, boss fight strategies, tips and tricks, and item drops.

Commander Niall: Overview

Commander Niall
Castle Sol
Recommended Level
Runes Reward
90,000 Runes
Item Drops
Veteran's Prosthesis

Commander Niall: Boss Fight Strategy

There are two phases to the Commander Niall boss fight, with the first beginning as soon as you pass through the Fog Door. The boss will summon two spectral knights to fight by its side, each with their own health bar. The two enemies will take centre stage at first, charging you while Commander Niall cowers behind them. Focus on eliminating them from the fight to make taking on the main boss easier later.

They're equipped with their own Ashes of War and build up Frostbite damage, but besides that, there's nothing particularly special about them compared to knights you've fought in the past. The only real issue here, of course, is that you're fighting two of them at once in a compact arena. It's quite easy to get stuck and have them both gang up on you, so always try to create space and have an exit route.

Elden Ring: How to Beat Commander Niall Guide 2

Once they're both dead, Commander Niall will properly join the fight. He's equipped with a huge staff that uses both Wind and Lightning attacks to deal damage at both short and long-range. For example, one move sees him cover the arena in Wind that'll deal damage if you get caught up in it. We recommend retreating when you spot this winding up, but don't go too far back. This attack tires out the boss and leaves him vulnerable upon completion, meaning you can get some free hits in.

You're not able to summon any Ashes during the first phase since the boss has already done so, but once the two knights are dead, you can bring your own Ashes summon onto the battlefield. As always, the Mimic Tear Ashes is going to be the most useful here. Let it — or any other Ashes summon — take aggro while you fight at its back to chip away at Commander Niall's HP. Since this is a humanoid enemy, the boss is weak to Bleed damage. Try and build that up if you have a weapon equipped to do so.

Once Commander Niall has been killed, the Castle Sol location will be complete.

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