What are the best weapons to get first in Elden Ring? Your first few forays into the Lands Between are bound to be overwhelming, regardless of the starting class you select, but we're here to ease the burden with a few weapons that'll have you felling foes in no time. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal the best weapons to get first.

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Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 1

Courtesy of how quickly Elden Ring sets you loose in its massive world, there are plenty of places you can start poking around right away. Straying away from the critical path can get you some solid gear that'll have you cutting through the monstrous masses with far more ease.

Some of these weapons might even be worth using for an entire playthrough as they can be upgraded to scale alongside the tougher enemies that you'll be facing later on. To find out more about how upgrading works, take a gander at our guide on the subject: How to Upgrade Weapons and Armour.

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Listed below are the best weapons to get first. We've explained why they should be part of your loadout, where you can find them, and any special abilities they might have.


Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 13

The Twinblade is a slick and stylish weapon that can be snagged almost immediately upon being set loose in the Lands Between. It's destined to be the go-to for dexterity builds, but its distinctive utility makes it especially useful early on.

Twinblade Location: Where to Find It

Due east of the Stranded Graveyard cave and on the south end of the shallow lakebed sits the Dragon-Burnt Ruins which contain the Twinblade.

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 5

Before you can go about getting it though, you'll have to have your first run in with Melina to receive your trusty steed Torrent. If you haven't done so yet, we've got a guide for that, too: How to Level Up and Where to Meet Melina.

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 9

After that's squared away, it's as simple as heading to the southwest corner of the ruins and using your mount to hop over a short stone wall into an alcove where some stairs lead down to a chest that contains your new prize. But be aware, the alcove you're looking for doesn't have any enemies in it. If you find yourself descending a set of stairs and encountering rats, you've taken the wrong stairwell.

Twinblade: Why You Need It

The Twinblade has fairly modest dexterity requirements that most starting classes won't be far from fulfilling, and its unique attack patterns prove particularly effective at controlling crowds. It can hold its own against bosses too if you get a knack for its rhythm.

If you're brave enough to forego the shield and two-hand the Twinblade, you'll have access to a slew of crazy combos that can slice and dice surprisingly well. In conjunction with its wide reach, the Twinblade's rapid damage-dealing potential makes it an outstanding first weapon for most folks, and its upgradability means that it has plenty of staying power too.


Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 2

For the more magically inclined, Reduvia is an extraordinary dagger that's a fairly easy nab. Its unique skill often proves effective and especially useful in expanding the early game arsenal of magic users.

Reduvia Location: Where to Find It

The northeastern end of Agheel Lake narrows into a canyon – the southern half of which houses a unique NPC invader who carries the magical Reduvia dagger.

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 6

Whether you approach from the greater lake to the south or drop down from the north, it's entirely up to you. Once you reach the southern zone, you'll be notified that your adversary has arrived: Bloody Finger Nerijus.

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 10

While the sweeping special move of the Reduvia dagger can be scary, you'll soon be assisted by another NPC who will help take the heat off of you as you chip away at Nerijus's health bar. Fret not if you're unsuccessful, you can just return to this location until you do succeed. As soon as your foe is slain, the dagger is yours for the taking.

Reduvia: Why You Need It

Those gnarly swipe attacks that you were avoiding just a moment ago are now yours to use with reckless abandon. They're this weapon's unique skill: Reduvia Blood Blade. Its reach extends both far and wide to make it effective in all manner of situations.

Additionally, Reduvia's strength requirements are so low that magic-focused builds need not worry about dumping as many points as they'd like into their magic stats and can rest assured knowing that they'll still have a solid melee option if the need arises. The fact that it scales alongside the arcane stat is just further icing on this magical dagger cake.

Great Epee

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 3

If the Twinblade is proving too unwieldy or erratic for your liking, then the Great Epee is your next best bet. It's also fairly easy to find, deals great damage, and it's far easier to use.

Great Epee Location: Where to Find It

On the southern edge of Limgrave, just east of the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, sits an enemy encampment. Inside this ramshackle base in fairly plain sight is a treasure chest that contains this rapier.

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 7

Dispatch the enemies to your preference. You can approach from the south to score a few stealth takedowns, or tackle it head-on from the north to avoid a few of the enemies perched atop the southern hill – whatever works for you and gets you to that treasure chest.

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 11

Great Epee: Why You Need It

The Twinblade comes with an admittedly hefty learning curve and its two-handed bias means it isn't very shield friendly. The Great Epee doesn't have either of those problems. Its straight stabs and sweeping slashes are far easier to get a grasp of and its moveset changes little when used with a shield.

It does come with greater strength requirements, but it's no slouch in the damage department because of it. It'd even make a great long-term companion on your journey if stabbing from afar is more your speed.


Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 4

The Greataxe is the most niche of this bunch – its almost eye-watering strength requirements mean it'll likely only be viable for characters built around it, but it sure does hit like a truck.

Greataxe Location: Where to Find It

Two skewered giants chained to a carriage roam the Limgrave roads. They can be reliably spotted just across the bridge on the road east of the Gatefront Ruins. They're hard to miss, so if you don't see them there you're bound to find them eventually if you stick to the roadways.

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 8

The back of the carriage being towed by the giants contains our Greataxe, but the carriage has to be stopped first. Fortunately, only one giant has to be dealt with to do so. Either take it out or do enough damage that it detaches itself from its chain – a good number of swipes from horseback should do the trick nicely. Afterwards, just hop aboard and obtain your axe from the chest.

Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First Guide 12

Greataxe: Why You Need It

It may weigh a ridiculous amount and have a ludicrous strength requirement for this early in the game, but if you're able to meet those requirements and effectively wield the thing you'll be a complete powerhouse.

Most enemies will be done in by a single slam, and the ones that aren't will almost assuredly be staggered by the blow. Add in the Barbaric Roar skill that turns your heavy attacks into combos, and you'll be a death-dealing machine if you're able to master the art of harnessing such rash power.

What do you think are the best weapons to get first in Elden Ring? Which one do you have your sights set on? Was there one we missed? Do tell in the comments section, and read our Elden Ring guide for more tips.