Is EA Sports FC 24 basically FIFA 24? Many fans purchasing the latest version of EA Sports' football franchise may be confused by the release's sudden name change, especially as there's 30 years of history behind the FIFA name. On this page, as part of our EA Sports 24 guide, we're going to answer the question: is EA Sports FC 24 basically FIFA 24?

Is EA Sports FC 24 Basically FIFA 24?

EA Sports FC 24: Is It FIFA 24? 1
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EA Sports FC 24 is the follow-up to FIFA 23, and the latest football game from EA Sports. While this may seem confusing, the publisher decided not to renew its relationship with footballing authority FIFA, and so ended its 30 year licensing agreement. This means that it's adopted the new branding of EA Sports FC moving forwards.

However, this is still effectively the same game, and is FIFA 24 in all but name. You'll find all previous licensed teams from the Premier League, La Liga, et al, as well as player likenesses and names. Even in terms of modes it should feel familiar, with Kick Off, Career, and Ultimate Team all represented.

So yes, while there's a new name, this is effectively the same game.

Why Is FIFA 24 Called EA Sports FC 24?

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The follow-up to FIFA 24 is called EA Sports FC 24, but why is that the case? After a drawn out back-and-forth between publisher EA Sports and football's governing body FIFA, it was decided that the former would not renew its 30 year license with the latter. This means that EA Sports will no longer have rights to events like the World Cup, but still retains exclusive access to leagues, player likenesses, and stadiums.

It also means that EA Sports has had to rename the game, as it no longer has the rights to the FIFA license. It's decided on the moniker EA Sports FC 24, and so that's why it's not called FIFA 24 instead.

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