What's the unlimited money glitch in Dying Light 2 and how do you do it? How do you collect 1,000,000 Old World Money in Dying Light 2? Just like the first game, Dying Light 2 has an item duplication glitch that will allow you to line your pockets with cash extremely quickly. In this Dying Light 2 guide, we're going to reveal how to do the unlimited money glitch. Selling the items you get will allow you to unlock the Who Wants to Be a... Trophy much faster.

Dying Light 2: Unlimited Money Glitch Explained

Sourced from PowerPyx, this glitch requires an online Co-Op partner. In order to do this, you will be creating multiple backups of your save and handing over your valuable items to the other player. Below is a step-by-step guide to performing the unlimited money glitch.

  1. Join an online co-op session with another player. You can only join someone's game if they're playing on the same console as you. PS5 users can only connect to other PS5 players, and the same goes for PS4 owners.
  2. Find a valuable item to duplicate. This glitch is best done with Artifact level gear, which are items with a yellow background. A good source of valuable items are the Airdrops (See Also: Dying Light 2: All Airdrop Locations).
  3. Back up your save. On PS5, you can upload your save to the PS Plus Cloud. If you're on PS4, the data can be easily copied to a USB Drive or also placed in the PS Plus Cloud.
  4. Give the valuable items to a friend in Co-Op. Back in the Co-Op session, hand over all the valuable items you wish to duplicate to the other player. They will now be gone from your inventory.
  5. Restore your backed up save. Exit the game with your Co-Op partner and get the save you backed up back onto your own PS5 or PS4. You'll then want to load that save so you have the valuable items back in your inventory, prior to handing them over to your Co-Op partner.
  6. Rejoin your Co-Op partner and continue dropping valuable items. You're now going to want to repeat steps two through to five in order to build up a large collection of valuable items to sell. Once your Co-Op partner has a full inventory and Stash of the duplicated items, have them give all those items back to you and create another backup save.
  7. Sell the items. You can now sell all of these duplicated items for tons of cash. You can then repeat the whole process over again to earn even more Old World Money.

How much money did you get through this exploit? Share your total in the comments below and check out our Dying Light 2 guide for much more help and information.