Looking for a list of the best class builds in Diablo 4? Sometimes you don't need a dedicated build guide to get your next character off the ground; that's what we aim to do here, give you a nudge in the right direction so that you can try something new out. On this page, as part of our Diablo 4 guide, we'll take you through our list of the best class builds in Diablo 4 to help you better get in character.

Best Barbarian Class Builds

Diablo 4 Barbarian Character Builds

Bastard Bleed Build

Main Skills: Flay, Rend

Additional Skills: Kick, Charge, Leap

Want to embody a truly bloody bastard, all huge swords and thick plates, like The Hound or Ser Bronn of the Blackwater from Game of Thrones? This specific take on the Barbarian forgoes additional weapons in favour of dealing maximum Bleed damage and focusing exclusively on Two-Handed Swords. Your bread-and-butter Basic ability is Flay, which inflicts Bleed buildup and generates Fury. Once you have sufficient Fury, switch to Rend, a Core skill which cleaves through multiple enemies, inflicting still more Bleed damage. Utilising mobility skills like Charge and Leap to get where the fighting's thickest, making sure to Kick any unwary foes into any conveniently placed environmental hazards. Pack on the heaviest plate you can find, and you have the Bastard Bleed build.

Best Sorcerer Class Builds

Diablo 4 Sorcerer Character Builds

Lightning Blade Build

Main Skills: Arc Lash, Chain Lighting, Teleport

Additional Skills: Lightning Spear, Unstable Currents

Want to command the elemental power of Lightning to confound and devastate your opponents up close and from a safe distance? The Lightning Blade Build is a Sorcerer that cleaves through groups of enemies like a knife through hot butter with Chain Lightning. While Mana regenerates, or if foes come within striking distance, Arc Lash, a Core melee skill, can be used to continue the fight or to disable enemies, with the option to Teleport to safety if needed. Lightning Spear adds additional roaming damage that you won't need to direct, and Unstable Currents is a force multiplier, adding the chance for an additional ability to activate each time one of the others is used to fry any survivors further.

Best Druid Class Builds

Diablo 4 Druid Character Builds

Wolfheart Build

Main Skills: Claw, Shred, Blood Howl

Additional Skills: Wolves, Rabies, Lacerate

The Wolfheart Druid is for those wild-at-heart types that prefer to play up-close-and-personal, embracing the animal within to maximize their Werewolf form. Generating Spirit by tearing through lesser foes with Claw and using Shred more worthy opponents, utilise Blood Howl to heal damage taken in the process. Your faithful Wolves can be directed to take down specific enemies and will watch your back, while Rabies allows you to spread infectious Poison damage during tougher encounters. Finally, Lacerate allows for devastating area-of-effect damage, raging out in Werewolf form to rip anything left standing to shreds. The Wolfheart is an exciting change of pace for Druid players, offering a melee build singularly focused on tearing demons apart.

Best Necromancer Class Builds

Diablo 4 Necromancer Character Builds

Blood Lord Build

Main Skills: Hemorrhage, Blood Lance, Blood Surge

Additional Skills: Blood Mist, Blood Wave

The Blood Lord focuses on inflicting maximal amounts of Bleed damage over as wide an area as possible, killing enemies before their bodies catch on to the fact. Using Hemorrhage to generate Essence, Blood Lance is used to focus direct Bleed damage on enemies from a distance, with Blood Surge used to clear out waves of weaker enemies (simultaneously healing the Blood Lord) that slip through. Blood Mist adds some mobility and utility; use it to escape the clutches of more powerful enemies until they succumb to blood loss. Finally, Blood Wave can be used to push enemies into position and upgraded to provide further healing in the form of Blood Orbs. Powerful, versatile, and caked in crimson, the Blood Lord provides the basis for a fun and functional Bleed build for your Necromancer.

Best Rogue Class Builds

Diablo 4 Rogue Character Builds

Waywatcher Build

Main Skills: Blade Shift, Forceful Arrow, Barrage, Penetrating Shot

Additional Skills: Shadow Step, Rain of Arrows

The Waywatcher is a master marksman, adept at felling weaker foes from afar before closing to finish more powerful enemies with cold steel. Thin the herd with Barrage, and put chargers firmly in their place using Forceful Arrow. Strike at casters or backline support enemies with Penetrating Shot, or assassinate them using Shadow Step and Blade Shift to deal devastating damage while remaining mobile enough to reposition as needed. Cover your retreat with Rain of Arrows, or use it to support an assault on a fortified position. Dangerous at any distance, the Waywatcher is flexible and difficult to pin down in classic Rogue fashion.

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