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What are the best characters in Destruction AllStars on PS5? Which character should you use for each mode? As part of our Destruction AllStars guide, we're going to take a look at all the characters in the game. If you want to know about each character's unique abilities, and which ones are best for which modes, you've come to the right place. Mastery of each character is needed for numerous Trophies. For more information on the game's Trophies, see our guide: Destruction AllStars: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum.

Destruction AllStars: All Characters, Abilities, and Breakers Explained

Below is a list of every character in Destruction AllStars, along with information about their unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Angelo Avello

Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Angelo Avello

Bio: Angelo Avello was such a photogenic baby he scored a modelling contract before getting home from the hospital. Life as a child actor beckoned before his successful transformation into a teen pop idol. It wasn't long before Angelo was looking to reinvent himself again. Destruction AllStars was perfect.

On Foot Breaker: Angelo's Breaker emits blinding and deafening bulbs that will affect opponents as you jump around.

Hero Vehicle Number One's Breaker: Locks onto an enemy, then when active, will home towards them with higher speed and damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Angelo's on-foot Breaker feels kind of useless, but his Hero vehicle makes slamming into opponents that much easier. Good for tracking down enemies with lots of Gears in Carnado.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Bluefang

Bio: Once the crown prince of Nigerian action movies, Bluefang was a phenomenon throughout his 20s. His runaway success came to a screeching halt, after a dangerous stunt went awry. Salvation and a second chance arrived when Destruction AllStars reached out and offered him a place on their roster.

On Foot Breaker: With the Breaker active, anyone touching Bluefang will be knocked down.

Hero Vehicle Shredder's Breaker: Starts up a huge front-facing shredder that will chew through any opponent vehicle while active.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Bluefang is a bit of a beast. His Hero car's Breaker is very strong, and can earn you lots of points in Mayhem, but it's also good for Carnado and Stockpile to eliminate enemies fast.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Boxtop

Bio: By day, Milfred Mann is a postal service worker from a small town in England. But by night, he is the minimum wage warrior, Boxtop. Boxtop wants to inspire people who feel hopeless into finding hope. If that means he has to occasionally get the snot beaten out of him for entertainment, then so be it.

On Foot Breaker: Drops boxes that will aid teammates and knock down enemies.

Hero Vehicle Boxmobile's Breaker: With the Breaker active, this Hero car attaches drones to cars you slam into, which deal chip damage over a short period.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Boxtop seems best suited to team modes with his helpful Breaker, but his Hero car isn't the best. Try him out in Carnado or Stockpile.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Fuego

Bio: No one knows the true story behind Fuego. He first gained attention as a Destruction AllStars superfan, spending every match in the front rows, yelling encouragement and whipping the crowd into a frenzy. In Destruction AllStars, Fuego has found a family of sorts, and behind the terrifying mask he's smiling.

On Foot Breaker: While active, Fuego's Breaker gives a fiery edge to Barge attacks, leaving a pool of flames on the ground.

Hero Vehicle Cerberus' Breaker: Sets the Hero car on fire, which means you'll deal extra damage to opponents when you hit them.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Fuego's on-foot Breaker is great in Stockpile for defending the Banks. His Hero car is a good all-rounder, useful in most modes.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Genesis

Bio: Reigning champion Genesis is an accomplished athlete and astrophysicist from Miami, Florida. A champion runner, she was raised to believe she can do anything she sets her mind to. Genesis has been competing in Destruction AllStars for five years.

On Foot Breaker: Allows Genesis to run and move faster than anyone else, letting her reach objectives first.

Hero Vehicle Callisto's Breaker: Achieves the fastest speed of any car in the game. While blasting along, you'll deal a ton of damage to any cars you slam into.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Speedy Genesis is useful in Stockpile to get those Gears to Banks quickly, and her Hero car's powerful Breaker is good for Mayhem — less so for Gridfall.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Hana

Bio: Another of this season's new faces, Hana is a world-renowned motocross champion. Raised in New Zealand, Hana had been content with focusing on her motocross career, while keeping her feet firmly on the ground. Hana has always tried to stay out of the limelight, but nothing lasts forever.

On Foot Breaker: Hana's Breaker makes her Barge attacks knock out on-foot opponents in one hit.

Hero Vehicle Sabre's Breaker: While active, her Hero car will equip a big blade on the front. Slamming into an enemy vehicle will slice it in two.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Hana's offensive powers make her a great candidate for Stockpile and Carnado. Her insta-kill Barge attacks on foot are also very handy in Gridfall.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Harmony

Bio: A recent addition to the Destruction AllStars roster, accomplished cellist Harmony grew up surrounded by music, and attended a prestigious music academy. She decided to "cell out" (as she always jokes) by chasing viral success. While Harmony likes to win matches, she likes to win hearts even more.

On Foot Breaker: When she uses her Breaker, Harmony's Barge attack har much greater reach with a shockwave.

Hero Vehicle Crashendo's Breaker: This Hero car has big speakers on the sides and rear, which deal a ton of damage to nearby opponents.

Strengths and Weaknesses: With enhanced Barge attacks, Harmony can be very good in Gridfall to knock enemies off the stage. Her Hero car's Breaker works well against clusters of enemies in Mayhem, too.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Jian

Bio: Through their friendship with Shyft, Jian became a Destruction AllStar competitor. Jian's parents own and operate the company that runs Destruction AllStars and from the offset they have been very supportive of Jian's pursuit, perhaps hoping that Jian will someday return to the role of the dutiful heir.

On Foot Breaker: Jian's Breaker deploys proximity mines on the arena floor, which will damage any vehicles that get too close.

Hero Vehicle Morningstar's Breaker: Jian's Hero car can cover itself in spikes, which is good to either deal some extra damage or prevent it.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Jian's proximity mines are great to chip away at opponents in Stockpile or Carnado, while the Hero car's spikes seem best suited to the chaos of Mayhem mode.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Lupita

Bio: Unpredictable in all the best ways, Lupita is known for her dedication to her fans, who consider themselves her family pack. The 'Wolf of Rio' or 'Loba do Rio' is a rapidly rising competitor. To do watever she can to help those she loves is what drives her, it's her true calling.

On Foot Breaker: While active, Lupita's Breaker leaves a trail of fire where she runs. Any character or vehicle passing through will be set ablaze.

Hero Vehicle Wildfire's Breaker: Similarly, Lupita's Hero car leaves a trail of fire behind it. This fire will knock out on-foot opponents and deals lots of damage to cars passing through.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Lupita is a solid pick for all modes, but the fire will earn you the most points in Mayhem and Carnado. With cars driving all over the place, you can't go far wrong.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Muna

Bio: A Somalian mechanic, Muna grew up at the feet of her father, one of the first original Destruction AllStars. When her father was no longer in her life, the grief left her hurt and guarded. Muna eventually stepped up to take her father's place as an AllStar and competed in his honour.

On Foot Breaker: Muna's Breaker ability attracts pick-ups like a magnet, and also activates traps in the arena.

Hero Vehicle Gravitron's Breaker: This Hero car draws scrap metal in the arena towards it, forming a strong shield to withstand more punishment.

Strengths and Weaknesses: With Muna's defensive abilities, she's a good pick for modes like Carnado and Stockpile, where keeping your car going for longer is key. In the chaos of Mayhem, it's less immediately useful.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Ratu

Bio: Ratu is an Indonesian martial artist who joined Destruction AllStars for the sheer adrenaline rush. Ratu developed her own fighting style through a blend of Martial Arts and dance, channelling rage into a more graceful and targeted anger reserved for the arena.

On Foot Breaker: On activation, Ratu's Breaker delivers a big concussion blast with a wide radius.

Hero Vehicle Barong's Breaker: Once active, this Hero car's Breaker needs to be charged by hitting enemy vehicles. Once the countdown is over, it emits a huge blast that damages all in its area of effect.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Ratu can deal a lot of damage with her Hero car if used right, making it good for Mayhem, Carnado, or Stockpile. Timing its countdown to collide with a big pile-up will pay dividends in any of these modes.

Sgt. Rescue

Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Sgt. Rescue

Bio: Sgt. Rescue is one thing above all else: a proud husband and even prouder father of two. He may look and sound fearsome, but he's the nicest man you could ever meet. The only pain he likes to cause is with a particularly bad pun; he has dad jokes for days.

On Foot Breaker: While Sgt. Rescue's Breaker is active, he leaves a trail of smoke behind him, blinding opponents that drive through it.

Hero Vehicle Smoke Commander's Breaker: As its name implies, this Hero vehicle is all about smoke. Slamming into an enemy obscures their view and radar with screen-filling smoke.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Blinding opponents is ideal in Gridfall, because they'll be unable to see the gaps in the floor. Elsewhere, his abilities will come in handy in the other modes too, but the Hero car's big health bar makes it particularly useful in Carnado.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Shyft

Bio: Shyft is an American kid from NYC. A child prodigy, he joined Destruction AllStars at the tender age of 16 and influenced the growth of the show by inventing most of the original vehicles and rules. Now a little older and a lot wiser, but still has something to prove.

On Foot Breaker: Shyft can turn invisible, and while he is, he won't appear on enemy radars and minimaps.

Hero Vehicle Cypher's Breaker: Like Shyft's on-foot Breaker, his Hero car's ability lets it turn invisible and disappear from opponent radars.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Invisibility can be useful in all modes, but it seems well suited to Gridfall and Carnado, so you can slip by unnoticed.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Tw!nkleR10t

Bio: Tw!nkleR10t wanted to take her love of cosplay to the next level. When Destruction AllStars held open auditions a year ago, Tw!nkleR10t was one of the wildcard contestants personally chosen by the organisers. Tw!nkleR10t carries an inner fire that she enjoys unleashing in the arena.

On Foot Breaker: Tw!nkleR10t — or Twinkle Riot, if you're a human being — has the ability to use the Barge move in quick succession while in her Breaker, meaning she can be quite aggressive on foot.

Hero Vehicle Mr. Sparkles' Breaker: The Breaker here equips the Hero vehicle with bumpers. When hit by opponents, the bumpers hit back with a pulse attack. This attack gets stronger the more the car is damaged.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Twinkle Riot's ability to use Barge over and over again means she can be quite handy in Gridfall, but it's also a good power for Stockpile, knocking enemies off the banks. Though her Hero car's Breaker can be strong, it has little health, and in Mayhem, it can be taken down pretty quickly.

Ultimo Barricado

Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Ultimo Barricado

Bio: Born and raised in San Diego, USA, José Mondragon is known around the world as Ultimo Barricado, or the 'Immovable Barricade'. José's greatest challenge has been his inability to win Destruction AllStars. While soft in nature, when the mask slips, José can be a cutthroat competitor.

On Foot Breaker: Ultimo Barricado's Breaker makes him invulnerable to knock-outs for a limited time.

Hero Vehicle The Undisputed's Breaker: Ultimo Barricado's Hero car drops a large shield to its front end. This blocks incoming damage to the front and hits opponent vehicles particularly hard.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Ultimo Barricado is a defensive character. His Breakers make him a good choice for Gridfall; able to become briefly invincible is a big plus in this mode. His vehicle's big shield will prove powerful in most modes, but again, is useful for shunting enemies into the abyss in Gridfall.


Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Xander

Bio: Xander is an influencer. Russian born, Xander lived with relatives after being orphaned at 13. He grew up rich, privileged, but always felt woefully ignored; living under the umbrella of his cousins. Between the chip on his shoulder and his need for adulation, he gets in his own way a lot.

On Foot Breaker: Xander's special ability is an x-ray vision, letting him see competitors, teammates, and objectives through walls. He also drops hazards behind him that can damage enemy vehicles.

Hero Vehicle Xero's Breaker: Xander's Hero car selects a target from the opposition. The targeted competitor takes much more damage than others.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The x-ray vision while on-foot means Xander is a solid pick for modes like Stockpile, where you'll be hopping out of cars to collect Gears regularly. On the other hand, his Breakers aren't so useful in Gridfall, where the entire arena can be seen at all times.

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