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Destroy All Humans is a PS4 remake of the cult classic PS2 sci-fi adventure. Crypto returns in this modern recreation, earning a decent 6/10 in our Destroy All Humans review.

In this Destroy All Humans guide, we'll be going over all the basics, as well as some beginner's tips and tricks to get you off to a flying (saucer) start.

Destroy All Humans: Trophy Guide

Destroy All Humans comes with a nice set of PS4 Trophies to earn, as you'd expect. To help you get the Platinum, we've prepared the following guide to all Trophies in Destroy All Humans.

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Destroy All Humans: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Is this your first time playing Destroy All Humans? Maybe it's just been a while since you played the original? Whatever the case, read on for some tips and tricks, as well as all the basic info you need.


Button Function: Crypto Function: Saucer
Options Pause Pause
Left stick Move Move
Right stick Rotate camera Rotate camera / Control altitude
X Jump (press), Jetpack (hold) N/A
Square Brain Extract / Transmog Transmog
Triangle Cortex Scan Drain
Circle Dash (press), Skate (hold) Repulse-O-Tron
D-Pad Up Holobob N/A
D-Pad Right Follow N/A
D-Pad Down Forget N/A
D-Pad Left Distract N/A
L1 Weapon Select (Press: Cycle / Hold: Wheel) Weapon Select (Press: Cycle / Hold: Wheel)
L2 Lock-On Target Ground Aiming
R1 Psychokinesis (Press: Grab and Drop / Hold: PK Throw) Abduct-O-Beam (Press: Grab and Drop / Hold: Throw)
R2 Fire Weapon Fire Weapon


DNA is what you'll be earning throughout the game. It's a sort-of currency, and can be used to purchase a wide range of upgrades. You can harvest DNA from humans, but will also earn plenty from completing missions and optional challenges.

Furon Probes

There are dozens of Furon Probes scattered throughout every level. These robot-looking collectibles give you some extra DNA when you get them, so they're well worth finding.


Extra challenges will also unlock as you play through the game, rewarding you with even more DNA. There are four challenge types:

Armageddon: You need to do as much damage in your saucer as possible within the time limit.

Abduction: Use Crypto's psychokinesis to throw specified objects (or beings) into the giant abduction beam.

Race: Follow the path of a speedy Furon Probe, moving as quickly as possible to try and catch it.

Rampage: Kill as many of a certain group of humans as possible within the time limit.

Gather As Much DNA As You Can

DNA is a sort-of currency in Destroy All Humans. Using it, you can visit Pox's Lab on the mothership to purchase upgrades for Crypto and his flying saucer. In order to get the best scores and times on challenges, you'll want to deck yourself out with as many upgrades as possible.

Ironically, the fastest way to gather DNA is to beat these challenges, but there are plenty of other ways. DNA Probes are scattered throughout each stage, and you can use Crypto's Brain Extract ability or the Anal Probe weapon to quickly harvest DNA from humans. You'll need tens of thousands of DNA to buy all the upgrades, but they're well worth saving up for.

Upgrade Crypto's Shields and Dash

While it's tempting to upgrade all your offensive weapons and abilities, don't forget about Crypto's defences. If you've caused a lot of trouble, the game will throw a lot of police, soldiers, and Majestic agents at you, and they can easily overwhelm you if you're not careful.

We'd recommend upgrading Crypto's Shields as well as his Dash ability. This will ensure he can withstand more damage, and be able to avoid it more easily. You'll find this particularly useful for later story missions, which will be tough without these upgrades.

Upgrade Ammo Capacity

Ammo capacity isn't the sexiest upgrade in the world, but in Destroy All Humans it's well worth it. By default, Crypto's guns and saucer don't carry much ammo. The Disintegrator Ray is probably the most versatile and useful weapon, but it doesn't carry much ammunition. The same goes for the Ion Detonator and the saucer's weaponry.

Running out of ammo means having to look around for objects to Transmog, which leaves you wide open. Spend some of your DNA on ammo upgrades to ensure you spend more time shooting and less time running around.

Replay Story Missions via the Archives Menu

Every story mission has at least one optional objective, but you might not complete them all on your first go. Fortunately, you can replay every mission, but it's a bit tucked away.

From the mothership, tab over to Archives with R1, then choose Holopox Deck. In here, you'll find a list of all the story missions you've completed, along with which optional objectives you have or haven't completed. Highlight a mission and press X to play it again. This doesn't interrupt your latest progress, so you don't need to worry.

That about does it for our Destroy All Humans guide. Hopefully this has given you some pointers and information you need to tackle this beloved game. If you have any other tips to share or questions to ask, please do so in the comments section below.