Shared and Private Lockers Explained Death Stranding PS4 Guide

What are the shared and private lockers in Death Stranding? What is the difference between the shared and private lockers? How do you get items from other players in the game? One of Death Stranding's more unique features is its social mechanic that allows users to connect with each other. The shared and private lockers are very similar, but they play different roles. Here's the difference between the shared and private locker in Death Stranding.

What's the Difference Between Shared and Private Lockers in Death Stranding?

Shared and private lockers can be accessed at any safe house or distribution centre throughout the various maps of Death Stranding. However, their uses ever so slightly differentiate. Shared lockers are something you'll want to take advantage of as they contain items and equipment that other online players have put into storage which you can then take for yourself. Don't worry, you're not stealing anything from another user -- they have to specify that the item in question is put into the shared locker for others to take. Because of that, it's a bit of a free for all. If you see an item you need, simply grab it and it's yours.

Private lockers, on the other hand, are exclusive to your game. But more importantly, the items you put in them are tied to the particular safe house or distribution centre you're currently using. That means that if you choose to store an assortment of weapons at a certain safe house and then move on, they won't be available for pick-up at another site further down the road. They'll always stay there, never to be shared with another player, but you will need to either fast travel back to that certain safe house or trek it there in order to get your items back.