How to Restore Stamina in Death Stranding PS4 Guide

How do you restore stamina in Death Stranding? How do you regain stamina? What does Monster Energy do in Death Stranding? Your stamina levels are going to dictate the sorts of actions you can perform throughout your journey through the United Cities of America, so you'll want to be at optimum levels as much as possible. Here's how you restore stamina in Death Stranding.

How to Restore Stamina in Death Stranding

The quickest and easiest way of restoring Sam Porter Bridges' stamina is to visit either a safe house or a distribution centre. Interacting with one and heading down to the private room fully restores stamina levels. Although, if you're out in the field, it's a slightly different story.

If you find yourself low on stamina levels, which is the blue bar next that's located next to Sam on-screen at all times, you'll need to chug some Monster Energy drink. To do that, hold left on the D-pad and select the beverage from your inventory. This will restore your stamina levels in no time at all.