How to Restore Health in Death Stranding PS4 Guide

How do you restore health in Death Stranding? What do Blood Bags do in Death Stranding? While Hideo Kojima's latest isn't a particularly difficult game on normal, you will find yourself low on health in certain combat situations. How do you recover that health, though? Question no longer, because we're on hand with the answer.

How to Restore Health in Death Stranding

Restoring your health back to full is governed by Blood Bags. If you sustain damage, you're going to want to equip the item in question, and this will automatically fill your health bar back up. To do that, make sure you've crafted some back at either a safe house or a distribution centre and place them in your inventory.

From there, hold left on the D-pad and select a blood bag. This will automatically equip the item and start restoring your health back to optimum levels. Be careful, however, because if you're fighting a BT at the time then you'll need to conserve some of that blood to fuel your Hematic Grenades and weapons.