How to Fast Travel in Death Stranding PS4 Guide

How do you fast travel in Death Stranding? How do you fast travel to different safe houses? Despite its focus on planning routes for deliveries, Hideo Kojima's latest does actually feature a fast travel system. Here's how you unlock it, along with the pros and cons of using the system.

How to Fast Travel in Death Stranding

The ability to fast travel in Death Stranding isn't unlocked until you reach the beginning of the third chapter. After a story cutscene with Fragile plays out, she'll unlock fast travel from any Private Room across the map. Once you're allowed to interact with the various features of the Private Room, you'll be able to select Fragile's umbrella. It's located in-between the shower and the wall rack storing your guns.

You can now fast travel to any other safe house, each of which comes with a Private Room, across the map. However, there's a catch. If you do want to fast travel, every bit of cargo and equipment you're carrying at the time will be left behind in that safe house's Private Locker. You'll be able to return to the location to pick it all back up again, but it's not a way that allows you to skip an objective-based journey. It is best used for when you're trying to make a quick dash to a nearby Distribution Centre.