How to Distribute Weight Effectively in Death Stranding PS4 Guide

How do you distribute weight properly in Death Stranding and Death Stranding Director's Cut? How should you arrange your equipment? Two of the things that set Death Stranding apart from almost anything else on the market is its focus on inventory and weight management. The two mechanics play a big part in dictating how your journey to any Prepper on the map will go, so it's important to make sure you know what you're doing. As part of our Death Stranding guide, here's how to distribute weight and arrange your cargo effectively.

How to Distribute Weight Effectively in Death Stranding

While Sam Porter Bridges does have an overall weight limit to what he can carry, it's a number you never want to even get close to. The more equipment you carry, the harder it's going to be to move about so you want to prioritize the most important items for the trek ahead and then worry about any luxuries afterwards. That is if you have any room left.

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When it comes to setting off with an order, make sure you load that particular piece of cargo onto your back first. It's probably going to be the heaviest thing you're carrying at the time, and so that forms a solid base for anything else you want to add. Next is going to be your weapons and grenades, and while they don't weigh too much, they can quickly add up as you load on more and more. Prioritize Hematic Grenades for dealing with BTs and any weapons such as assault rifles, handguns, and shotguns next for Mule encampments.

You don't have to load everything onto your back, however. Equipment can be attached to both your arms and legs if you're not wearing a power or speed skeleton, so take full advantage of that too. We found PCCs to be the perfect tool to attach to your limbs thanks to their reasonable 5kg weight that allows you to balance things evenly if you attach one to each arm.

From there, it's all about finishing off your haul with the smaller items that can be fitted into a variety of places. A spare pair of Bridges Boots should always be placed on the Boots Clip, the Utility Pouch is the perfect place for Blood Bags, and the Tool Rack is served best with a ladder. If you find yourself approaching Sam's weight limit then we recommend removing the navigational tools such as climbing anchors and ladders and putting them back in your private locker. That's because you'll find more than enough of them already out in the open world.

Have you had any trouble distributing weight in Death Stranding and Death Stranding Director's Cut? Complete a delivery in the comments section below, and check out our Death Stranding guide for more info.