How to Reach the Tar Belt in Chapter 8 of Death Stranding PS4 Guide

How do you cross the tar belt in chapter 8 of Death Stranding and Death Stranding Director's Cut? At certain points, Hideo Kojima's latest title gives you a bit of a vague objective and it's your job to work out what to do next. One of these tasks crops up in chapter 8, where you need to cross the tar belt in order to reach Edge Knot City. As part of our Death Stranding guide, we're going to explain how to cross the tar belt and get to Edge Knot City.

How to Cross the Tar Belt in Chapter 8 of Death Stranding

From your starting position atop a broken bridge, head south-west of the Chiral Relay to the Penisula. This is an area full of BT activity, so when you're scanner alerts to you to their presence, you're going to want to let them take you away instead of mashing on the square button when given the option. This will trigger a boss fight with a Beached Thing, but it also activates another mechanic that will allow you to cross the Tar Belt.

Simply forget about and avoid the BT and use the buildings coming out of the ground to make your way across the Tar Belt towards Edge Knot City. Climb and run across them and you'll be there in no time at all.

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