How Long Is Death Stranding? PS4 Guide

How long is Death Stranding and Death Stranding Director's Cut? How long does it take to beat Death Stranding's campaign? If you're heading into Kojima Productions' next big project assuming that it's about the same length as a Metal Gear Solid title, you might want to think again. Sam Porter Bridges' trek across America is much, much longer than your typical Solid Snake outing. As part of our Death Stranding guide, here's how long it will take to beat Death Stranding.

How Long Is Death Stranding?

If you were to mainline Death Stranding's story, without doing any optional orders, you'll finish the game in about 30 hours. That is if you stick to focusing on the main objectives, without doing any side activities or exploring the world. For more information on how many story chapters there are in Death Stranding, click the link.

If you do choose to engage with those quests, however, you're looking at a playtime close to 50 hours. Every Prepper on the map has something else for you to deliver or a task to complete, along with a longer list of things to do at each Distribution Centre. Because of that, you could spend a long time dabbling in optional content which doesn't progress the main narrative. The game doesn't actually end once you beat its final chapter so theoretically you could spend as much time with the experience as you like.

How long did Death Stranding take you to beat? Complete a delivery in the comments section below, and check out our Death Stranding guide for plenty more info on the game.