The Damned is a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty that takes place after Lucretia My Reflection. As part of our Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we're going to list everything that you need to know about The Damned.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - The Damned

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty: The Damned 1
Image: Push Square

Solomon Reed isn't the most trusting of allies, but he's the best bet that V has while in Dogtown. After leaving Myers behind in the hideout, V and Reed set off to meet with an accomplice in the oddly named Moth Bar. A new plan is hatched, and the duo kickstart their hunt for the ominous 'Slider'.

Below you'll find an overview of the Main Quest, The Damned, which includes a point-by-point Walkthrough, along with additional information that may influence your progress.


  • Go to the Moth Bar after Reed calls
  • Sit down at the bar and take part in the dialogue scene
  • Talk to Alex
  • Go back inside and talk to Reed
  • Talk to Johnny outside
  • Go to the marker near Slider's hideout
  • You'll need to get through the Voodoo Boys who guard this lair
  • You can sneak through them, try to talk to them, or go in guns blazing
  • If you fight them, you'll need to contend with a boss-like enemy — a giant server
  • The server will target V with various hacks, but it can be stopped by shooting its exposed cores when it's readying the upload
  • Destroying all four cores will shut the server down
  • Speak with Slider and Reed in the deepest part of the lair
  • Hostile enemies will enter the lair and you'll likely need to fight your way out
  • Speak with Reed once you're outside
  • Quest complete

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