I've Seen That Face Before is a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty that takes place after Birds with Broken Wings. As part of our Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we're going to list everything that you need to know about I've Seen That Face Before.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - I've Seen That Face Before

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty: I've Seen That Face Before 1
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The time has come to act on the gang's plan to infiltrate Barghest's lair. V kicks things off by locating the twins and their fancy ride, while Reed and Alex prepare for what's to come at the target location. With the pressure mounting, keeping cool is key — especially when you're sitting across a table from Kurt Hansen and his intimidatingly large hunting knife.

Below you'll find an overview of the Main Quest, I've Seen That Face Before, which includes a point-by-point Walkthrough, along with additional information that may influence your progress.


  • Call Reed when you're ready
  • Go to the marker near the entrance of Dogtown
  • Climb to the vantage point and wait
  • Scan vehicles as they arrive at the intersection
  • Once you've identified the targets, leave the vantage point and go to the next marker
  • Enter the car
  • Use the cameras for different views of the ride
  • You can listen to the twins' conversation, but the longer you hold off, the farther you'll have to drive in the next part of the mission
  • You'll need to take the car to the marker, but there's a time limit, and about halfway there, you'll temporarily lose control of the car — so you need to drive fast
  • Speak with Reed and Alex
  • Take the codes and then equip the netrunner suit
  • Get in the car and talk to Reed and Alex
  • During the drive, Alex will give you some key advice, and ask you a question; if you listened to the twins' conversation earlier, you can repeat the answer and earn Alex's respect
  • Drive into the parking complex
  • Once you're parked, you can press right on the d-pad to bring up an information sheet on your current identity — you can use it to remind yourself of any key details
  • Follow Alex
  • Follow Murphy
  • Sit down with Hansen and engage in conversation
  • This is where you'll need to keep your story straight — use the information sheet if you need a reminder of the details
  • If you need additional help, here's what you need to do: avoid having a drink, and tell Hansen that you don't remember when asked about Petrochem
  • Follow Songbird
  • Interact with the device
  • Make a key choice during this conversation: choose whose plan you're going along with
  • This choice will impact the flow of the next quest, and the eventual outcome of the story
  • Quest complete

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