Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos is a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty that takes place after Firestarter. As part of our Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we're going to list everything that you need to know about Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty: Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos 1
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As noted by Johnny, this might just be V's craziest job yet — and that's saying a lot. With Reed seemingly stopping at nothing to save Songbird from the powers that be — and herself, at this point — a showdown of truly epic proportions is brewing. V and Reed stand together to take on the toughest foes in all of Night City...

Below you'll find an overview of the Main Quest, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, which includes a point-by-point Walkthrough, along with additional information that may influence your progress.


  • To kick things off, you need a capable netrunner
  • You can call a netrunner that V knows from the main game, depending on which quests you've completed and how far into the main story you are
  • If you don't know anyone or you simply want to involve Mr. Hands, give the fixer a call instead and pay 15,000 eddies for Hands' own netrunner
  • If you pay Hands, you'll need to meet his netrunner in Kabuki in ten hours
  • Go to the meeting spot when the time comes
  • Get the data
  • If you meet with Yoko, you can accept her additional offer for extra rewards
  • Send the data to Reed
  • Wait for Reed to get back to you
  • Meet with Reed after he messages you
  • Talk to Johnny if you feel like it
  • Speak with Reed and Gunner
  • Walk with Reed
  • Go over the plan with the recon soldier
  • You can either have the solider lay out the equipment for you, or you can do it yourself through a series of dialogue choices
  • If you're setting things up manually, be sure to pick the options that benefit your playstyle
  • Speak to Reed and Johnny
  • At this point you can send the additional information to Hands for those extra rewards
  • When you're ready, get in your chosen position
  • Fight off the wave of cops and robots — they hit quite hard but they're fairly easy to bring down
  • Go to the truck and be ready for a boss fight

Boss Fight

  • This can be a tough one — it's four on one
  • The easiest way to get through this fight is to work together with Reed
  • Try to target the same boss as Reed and bring the team down one by one
  • You can tell which boss Reed is targeting by following his sniper's laser
  • When Reed hits one of them, they'll be made vulnerable, so try and do as much damage as you can in that timeframe
  • You'll need to keep moving here, as the bosses will quickly close you down if you stay standing for more than a few seconds
  • Whatever you do, don't let the netrunner boss hack you — make sure you attack them whenever they're trying to upload in order to cancel the process
  • The hacker is vulnerable while they're uploading
  • Two of the bosses use close-quarters weapons
  • Don't forget that you can retreat to the balcony if things get rough — but just be aware that there's nowhere near as much room to move around up there
  • Once you've only got one or two bosses left, the battle becomes much easier

Walkthrough (continued)

  • When the bosses are down, watch the cutscene and follow the objective markers
  • Quest complete

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