60. Judgment (PS5)

It may have launched on PS4 not long before this PS5 port, but Judgment is so good that it deserves every chance at success that it can get. This Yakuza spinoff puts you in the sneakers of Takayuki Yagami, a private detective living in the heart of Kamurocho, a fictional red light district that's always teetering on the edge of chaos. Tangled up in a series of brutal murders, Yagami is forced to dig deep into the city's criminal underbelly, resulting in a truly gripping story. With a brilliant cast of characters, a great combat system, and a map that's stuffed with fun distractions, Judgment is right up there with the absolute best that Yakuza has to offer.

59. DOOM Eternal (PS5)

If you like your first-person shooters fast, demanding, and bloody, DOOM Eternal is the peak. A fantastic gameplay loop means you're constantly on the move and playing aggressively, earning more ammo and health by getting right up in those demonic faces and literally ripping them a new one. On PS5, it's somehow even better, with three visual modes — including one with ray tracing — and DualSense support. A brilliant FPS that really sings on Sony's current hardware.

58. Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (PS5)

Looking at it now, it's genuinely hard to believe that Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn started life as a terribly misguided and badly designed MMO that came close to sinking one of Square Enix's internal development teams. Its rebirth has been one of modern gaming's most extraordinary success stories, and the game is now widely considered to be one of the greatest MMORPGs ever made. Bolstered by multiple extremely well received expansions, A Realm Reborn has gone from strength to strength, and it continues to attract millions of players. Many would even argue that it's the best Final Fantasy game of the last decade — MMO or not.

57. Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (PS5)

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name covers yet another chapter in Kazuma Kiryu's action-packed life. This is a 'shorter' experience that adds context to Yakuza: Like a Dragon by expanding upon the behind-the-scenes events of its main story. But unlike Ichiban's adventure, Gaiden goes back to full-on action combat in what almost feels like a celebration of Kiryu as a character. It doesn't quite have the scope of a mainline instalment, but Gaiden is still a fantastic and surprisingly emotional example of SEGA's long-running series.

56. Control: Ultimate Edition (PS5)

Control pushed the limits of the PS4, delivering an intense third-person romp — but a technically flawed one. This return trip to the unorthodox Old House feels much more at home on the PS5, however, and while there are some strange difficulty spikes, Remedy’s unique brand of shooting shines throughout much of this engrossing outing. The oppressive setting, unnerving enemies, and wonderfully eerie atmosphere really come to life on Sony's current-gen machine, offering much improved visuals and performance.

55. The Last of Us Part II Remastered (PS5)

Arguably the greatest PS4 game, upgraded and repacked for PS5, with cut content and an all-new roguelike inspired mode, which takes full advantage of Naughty Dog’s underappreciated third-person shooter gameplay. The Last of Us Part II Remastered will hold few surprises for those who’ve already played the original, groundbreaking outing – but that doesn’t make it any less essential.

54. Lost Judgment (PS5)

A sequel to superb detective thriller Judgment, Lost Judgment doesn't quite hit the dizzying highs of its predecessor in terms of storytelling and character development, but it's still a great action RPG. Packed with intense plot twists and carried by an excellent cast, Lost Judgment is a typical Yakuza-style thrill ride — but it's actually the ridiculous amount of impressively varied side content that drives Yagami's sophomore case. An expanded, satisfying combat system is worthy of note as well.

53. Tales of Arise (PS5)

Bandai Namco went big budget with Tales of Arise, and delivered a fantastic action RPG. Taking place across a wide range of vibrant locations and boasting an endearing main cast of characters, there's an awful lot to like about the desperate adventures of Alphen. As you'd expect of the long running series, the real-time, combo-based combat is a highlight — but a twisting story also strings things along to great effect. For our gald, Tales of Arise is one of the PS5's strongest Japanese RPGs.

52. Horizon Call of the Mountain (PS5)

The headline PSVR2 launch title, Horizon Call of the Mountain is a completely new entry in Guerrilla’s imaginative post-apocalyptic universe. While the story can be difficult to follow, the gameplay – which revolves around high-rise platforming – is expertly executed, making you feel like an elite climber in an often hostile world. Beautiful, sprawling vistas and a genuinely jaw-dropping sense of scale combine for an action packed thrill ride that explores the rich potential of Sony’s new headset.

51. The Nioh Collection (PS5)

Team Ninja's answer to the popular Dark Souls series is Nioh, a punishing but satisfying action RPG based on Japanese history and folklore. The Nioh Collection on PS5 brings the two titles together in one package. Fortunately, both games are excellent — fairly linear but featuring fast, deadly melee combat that has you swapping between stances to gain the upper hand. The pair of games are remastered for the up-to-date hardware, running at up to 120 frames-per-second on the right display, and support DualSense's haptics and adaptive triggers. Two cracking action titles for the price of one, and looking and playing better than ever on PS5? A no-brainer.

50. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5)

A superhero game from Square Enix is enough for hardcore PlayStation players to proceed with caution after Marvel's Avengers, but developer Eidos Montreal has done Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy proud with a faithful, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable campaign based on original storytelling. It's a meaty one too, lasting north of 20 hours. The characters of Drax, Groot, Rocket, and Gamora are just as you remember them from the Marvel movies, and even Star-Lord performs valiantly despite the lack of a Chris Pratt face scan. Combat is deep and engaging, exploration is limited but fun, and dialogue is top-notch.

49. Pavlov VR (PS5)

There have been a good few attempts to get a multiplayer shooter going on VR systems, but Pavlov VR has to be one of the better efforts. With a wide variety of weapons to wield and some highly entertaining modes, this game feels intuitive to play and is a great laugh with a few friends. The player count might be low compared to traditional console shooters, but this is an incredibly solid effort that really nails the basics.

48. Street Fighter 6 (PS5)

Street Fighter 6 puts the series back on the map. Following the comparably dismal launch of Street Fighter V, this iteration of Capcom's fighter is the most robust package yet, catering to both competitive and casual players brilliantly. New mechanics add more strategy to fights, different control schemes level the playing field for newcomers, and the online play is seriously smooth. Add to that the incredibly high-effort single-player World Tour mode, in-depth tutorials, a multitude of fun ways to fight, and a vibrant roster of familiar and new characters, and you have one of the best fighting games in recent memory.

47. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut (PS5)

Disco Elysium stands as a truly great achievement in role-playing. Attempting to crack a dangerously suspicious murder case as an amnesiac cop, you're tasked with interrogating the locals while trying to work out just who the hell you're supposed to be. Engrossing from start to finish, Disco Elysium is built on a foundation of fantastic writing and brilliant characters, as you carve your own unique path through the atmospheric city of Revachol. Its methodical pace won't be for everyone, but if you're looking for a deep and brain-bending RPG, you won't find anything better on PS5.

46. Grand Theft Auto V (PS5)

In its third generation, GTA 5’s unwavering commercial popularity looks unlikely to ease. Presented for the first time on consoles in 4K at 60fps, this is undoubtedly the best-looking version of Los Santos to date. While elements of the graphics and gameplay are beginning to show their age, this open world is largely unmatched, and despite GTA Online having some serious onboarding issues, its continued expansion makes it an unparalleled multiplayer mode with an identity all of its own.

45. Moss (PS5)

Moss has always been a solid VR game with its engaging gameplay and cutesy lead character, and now it's available on the far superior PSVR2. This version is largely the same that you might've played on the original PSVR, but has been improved with far better controller tracking, crisper visuals, and enhanced lighting. If you're after a short but sweet adventure with some simple combat and puzzles, Moss is ideal, and its superior sequel is also on PSVR2 when you're done.

44. Persona 3 Reload (PS5)

As far as faithful remakes go, Persona 3 Reload is right up there with the best you'll find on PlayStation. The original Persona 3 is an undeniable classic, but Reload greatly improves the experience by modernising its turn-based combat and expanding its storytelling. What's more, it's an utterly gorgeous revival, boasting incredible art direction and some of the most stunning presentation you're ever likely to see in an RPG. A must for existing fans, and for newcomers, a perfect introduction to the Dark Hour.

43. The Last of Us: Part I (PS5)

Forever tainted by its high launch price, The Last of Us: Part I is a faithful remake of Naughty Dog's 2013 masterpiece that brings the post-apocalyptic adventure up to modern standards. While the gameplay is largely untouched, its visuals shine with stunning character models, gorgeous backdrops, and an abundance of detail to ensure there's something to look at in every corner. Some will forever question why it was needed, but The Last of Us: Part I has never looked better.

42. Stellar Blade (PS5)

Console debuts simply don’t get much stronger than Stellar Blade, a throwback combat-centric adventure that channels retro PS2 energy in all the best ways. This sturdy single player campaign has a strong visual identity, a stunning soundtrack, and some outstanding art direction. It’s also bursting with unlockable, off-the-beaten-path content, like a bunch of outfits and accessories you can unlock.

41. Star Ocean The Second Story R (PS5)

Star Ocean The Second Story R is a fantastic remake of a classic RPG. It remains faithful to the original game's tone and atmosphere, but brings so many quality of life improvements to the table alongside an impressive visual overhaul. As a result, this is the best version of a beloved adventure — the core gameplay of which holds up shockingly well after all these years. A huge win for both nostalgia-driven fans and newcomers alike.