Looking for a Baldur's Gate 3 guide of all companions and where to find them? Companions are at the beating heart of Baldur's Gate 3, offering aid in battle, expert advice, and a shoulder to lean on when things get tough. The world of Faerûn is full of dangers, but the good news is you won't have to face them alone. On this page, as part of our Baldur's Gate 3 guide, we'll help you track down each one so you don't miss a moment.

Baldur's Gate 3: All Companions and Where to Find Them

Baldur's Gate 3: All Companions and Where to Find Them 13
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There are 10 Companions in the game, each offering something unique and competing for one of just three available party slots (your own character occupying the fourth). The first six are Origin Characters, which means you could actually choose to play the game as them, seeing their own perspective on the events of the game, including unique content that is missed by playing a Custom Character. This means a lot of replay value for those looking to see and do it all.

This page is a work in progress, and so far, we've only managed to recruit the game's six Origin Characters: Shadowheart, Gale, Astarion, Lae'Zel, Wyll, and Karlach. We'll update it once we've progressed further into this monster RPG.

Confirmed to be in the game are Halsin and Minthara, who can join your party as full companions and are potentially romanceable. Jaheira and Minsc are returning Companions, stalwart party members in both previous Baldur's Gate games, but aren't potential romance partners.

Shadowheart, Gale, Astarion, Lae'Zel, Wyll, and Karlach all appear early in Act 1, along with Halsin and Minthara. Jaheira is encountered in Act 2, and Minsc is found in Act 3.

The six Origin Characters are all located relatively close to each other, and you can put together a full party quickly, provided you know where you're going. We've listed the below Companions in the order we encountered them, represented by star markers on each below map.


Shadowheart is a High Half-Elf Cleric of the night god Shar, who you'll first encounter aboard the Nautiloid during the Prologue, but is later found unconscious on the Ravaged Beach where the game begins. Simply talk to her to recruit her. If you miss her here, she can be encountered later at Emerald Grove, near where Wyll is encountered.


Gale is a Human Wizard who harbours ambitions of becoming the most powerful mage in all of Faerûn. You'll encounter him stuck inside the Roadside Cliffs waypoint. He can be pulled out by passing a Strength test, so if you don't have enough muscle for the job, come back with someone who does, like Lae'Zel or Karlach.


Astarion is a High Elf Rogue who has, unfortunately, come down with a spot of vampirism in the last few centuries. He can be found prowling the cliffs on the western side of the crashed Nautiloid. Watch out, though, he's not the sort to be taken unawares and isn't the most trusting of individuals (or the most well-intentioned).


Lae'Zel is a Githyanki Fighter who, after the crash, wound up captured and stuck in a cage by some Tieflings. You can handle the situation a number of different ways, through deception, threats, or outright violence, but whatever path you choose, knock the cage down with a ranged attack or spell to recruit her.


Wyll is a Human Warlock and is famous as the champion of Baldur's Gate, the heroic Blade of Frontiers. You'll first encounter the flamboyant swordsman outside the gates of Emerald Grove. Help him dispatch the goblin warband assaulting the settlement, and afterwards, he can be found in the centre of the settlement, where he'll offer to join the party.


Karlach is a Zariel Tiefling Barbarian forced into combat in the demonic frontlines of the Blood War. Having, at last, escaped the clutches of her demonic master, she'll do whatever it takes to remain free. From Emerald Grove, head west and cross the bridge, but follow the stream north rather than enter the Blighted Village. You'll find her on the bank struggling to contain the flames burning within.

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