Infiltrate Grid 086 is a Main Mission in Armored Core 6 that takes place in Chapter 2. As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we're going to share everything you need to know about Infiltrate Grid 086.

Armored Core 6: Infiltrate Grid 086

Armored Core 6: Infiltrate Grid 086 Guide 1
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Below you'll find an overview of the Main Mission called Infiltrate Grid 086. We'll provide a brief Walkthrough, an Objective Log, details of any Collectibles, and any additional information you might find useful.


Begin the Mission by travelling along the path in front of you, destroying the mechs along the way. As soon as you fly up to the next level, you'll face off against a minor boss called Mad Stomp / "Invincible" Rummy. They shouldn't pose much of a threat to you at this point, so dispose of them and then continue flying up the higher level of the facility. When you come out into the larger open area, destroy as many mechs as you like for extra COAM and make your way to the objective marker.

Interact with the door there, then make your way through the vents. Eventually, you'll come back outside to find a Catapult to use. Up ahead, you'll be given a new task: to eliminate a specific enemy squad. Go through the open doors once they've been destroyed, then use the Supply option on the left.

To end the Mission, you must take down the Smart Cleaner. Refer to our How to Beat Smart Cleaner guide for more information on this encounter.

Objective Log

  • Reach center of Grid 086's lower level
  • Annihilate enemy MT squad
  • Destroy the autonomous heavy Smart Cleaner


Armored Core 6: Infiltrate Grid 086 Guide 2
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Combat Log: Shortly after loading into the start of the Mission, you'll encounter Mad Stomp / "Invincible" Rummy. Beat them to get the Combat Log.


  • 160,000 COAM

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