Attack the Dam Complex is a Main Mission in Armored Core 6 that takes place in Chapter 1. As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we're going to share everything you need to know about Attack the Dam Complex.

Armored Core 6: Attack the Dam Complex

Armored Core 6: Attack the Dam Complex Guide 1
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Below you'll find an overview of the Main Mission called Attack the Dam Complex. We'll provide a brief Walkthrough, an Objective Log, details of any Collectibles, and any additional information you might find useful.


For this Mission, you'll be accompanied by two friendly mechs, who will help you destroy all the enemies and facilities in the area. Simply tag along and cause some destruction. Eventually, you'll encounter a boss named Burn Pickaxe / Index Dunham. With your allies by your side, take them down. After that, use the Catapult to reach the top of the facility and destroy the final structure up there to finish the Mission.

Objective Log

  • Annihilate enemy MT squad / Destroy target facilities
  • Destroy remaining target facilities


Armored Core 6: Attack the Dam Complex Guide 2
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Combat Log: Midway through the Mission, you'll encounter an enemy called Burn Pickaxe / Index Dunham. Defeat them to automatically acquire the Combat Log.


  • 190,000 COAM

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