Do you need an Under a New Sun walkthrough for A Plague Tale: Requiem, including all collectibles? In this A Plague Tale: Requiem guide, we're going to reveal how to achieve 100% completion in Under a New Sun.

There are no collectibles in Under a New Sun, so sit back and enjoy the beginning of Amicia and Hugo's next adventure.

A Plague Tale: Requiem: Under a New Sun Walkthrough

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After the introductory cutscene sets the scene, you will be in control of Amicia in a beautiful valley. Follow Hugo through the flowers, taking the path down to the castle ruins. Here a tutorial will take place, introducing you to the game's stealth mechanics. Lucas will count to 10, and during that time, you must find a hiding place. He'll always check the ruins on his right first, so stay out of eyeshot while he does so. Use the crawlspaces and gaps in the rock to stay out of sight.

After a short while, Amicia will suggest turning the tables and sneaking up on Lucas instead. Get behind him, and then approach, ready to press the square button in order to startle him. Doing so will complete the tutorial, and you'll be told to head to the castle next.

Hugo will point out a river as you get close, and the brother plays a game where he pretends it is the ocean belonging to his kingdom. This triggers a minigame where you must shoot pinecones coming down the stream with your Sling. If you shoot all of the pinecones Hugo throws into the river, you'll unlock the Perfect Shot Trophy.

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Image: Push Square

After making a new friend during the minigame, follow the river, then climb up the rock, and crouch under the tree. Hugo will want to play another game where he charges the castle, so sprint ahead to the entrance. The main entrance is locked, so squeeze through the gap on your left. Once you reach the top of the staircase, the floor will collapse under you and you'll find yourself in someone's house.

Exit to the left, pass through the ruined house, and drop down into the area below. A cutscene will introduce some enemies you must get away from in a quick chase sequence. The door directly in front of you is locked, so climb through the gap in the castle on your right. Follow the linear path ahead, squeeze through the gap in the boxes and barrels, and crouch down in the tall, yellow grass. Wait here while the two enemies do their thing.

When the opportunity arises, head towards the house on your right by passing through the patches of tall grass to avoid detection. Climb through the window and then exit through the door on the other side. Up ahead is another tutorial, this one teaching you how to distract enemies by throwing rocks at certain objects.

Target the toolbox and throw a rock at it to have the enemy turn around to allow you to pass by unseen. Return to the tall grass on your left and wait for the enemy to your right to have his back turned. Use the opportunity to climb up the wooden beams.

Crawl under the storage area, and wait for the right moment to exit. When you do, however, the bees in the area will annoy Amicia and she'll make a noise. This will alert the nearby enemy, so you'll have to distract him by throwing a rock. Quickly leave the area using the path ahead while his back is turned.

The next area will teach you how to use Pots and create a distraction. Throw the Pot behind the enemy ahead, and sneak by while he's investigating the noise. The door ahead will be locked, but you can command Hugo to crawl through the gap in the wall on your left by holding L1 and then pressing Triangle with it highlighted. He'll unlock it for you, but isn't quite strong enough to actually pull it open so you'll have to do that yourself.

On the other side, head towards the open gate into the pig sty. After the cutscene ends, you'll be playing as Hugo.

He awakens on a beach, and there's a phoenix to follow. Climb through the gap in the rock, crawl under the tree branch, and follow the path ahead. Approach the tree in the centre of the lake.

The next cutscene reveals Hugo is having a recurring dream of the island, but back in reality, the siblings are travelling by horse and cart along with their mother and Lucas. The party is eventually ambushed by thugs looking for Amicia and Hugo, triggering another stealth sequence. Sneak through the tall grass and drop down into the valley below.

Your objective is to make it to the other side of the area unharmed; we suggest sneaking through the house on the left, using the tall grass to get there. You'll find a Pot on the table inside, which will come in handy for distracting the guard just up ahead.

The enemies now decide to take extreme measures and set alight the tall grass you're in, so sprint towards the house on the other side. In here a bandit will die after the roof caves in on them, revealing a way you can climb up and over. You'll then be taught how to counter an enemy in close quarters, and how to kill them using your Sling.

As long as an enemy isn't wearing a helmet, you can freely kill them using your Sling. None of the enemies up ahead have one, so feel free to go to town. Squeeze through the gap in the tree branches at the end of the path, kill the enemy you find on the other side via the tutorial, and follow the cries of your mother. An enemy will have a knife to her neck, so target his head using your Sling and kill him. The following cutscene ends the chapter.

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