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  • US 4th Sep 2012
  • EU 5th Sep 2012
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Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot
Zen Pinball 2 Screenshot

Zen Pinball 2 News

  • News Portal Pinball Carries Out Some Tests on PS4, PS3, Vita

    Chell's bells

    Portal – and its imaginatively titled sequel Portal 2 – remain two of the most critically acclaimed games from last generation. With the recent rumour regarding a LEGO Dimensions pack themed around the popular franchise, you'd be forgiven for wanting to revisit Aperture Laboratories. But if you can't be bothered fishing out the...

  • News The Walking Dead's Not Quite as Depressing in Zen Pinball 2 Form

    Ramping up the emotion

    Keeping curly haired baseball cap fan Clementine safe can be draining during Telltale Games’ take on the classic comic book series The Walking Dead, but proceedings look a little more laidback in Zen Pinball 2’s table based upon the award winning episodic game. Set during the series’ first season, this ambitious arena...

  • News Zen Pinball 2 Finds the Force, Loses It Again

    Into the garbage chute

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, developer Zen Studios revealed that it was working on a new batch of Star Wars themed tables for its free PlayStation 3 and Vita application Zen Pinball 2 – but the announcement was yanked faster than the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace. Still, there’s nothing stopping us from...

  • News Zen Pinball 2's Plants vs. Zombies Table Rises Next Week

    Try to resist

    Zen Studios’ mysterious PopCap-themed pinball table is based on Plants vs. Zombies, the developer has finally announced. The evergreen arena – playable at PAX Prime 2012 this weekend – will focus on the same botanical battle you’ve come to love, with the added impact of giant silver balls. The table will launch alongside Zen...

  • News Zen Pinball 2 Bounces onto PS3 and Vita This September

    About flippin' time

    Zen Pinball 2 is set to launch onto the PlayStation 3 and Vita this September, developer Zen Studios has announced. The cross-compatible pinball platform will be free to download, with trials for all 26 of the title’s tables available from the offset. Those of you that already own the original Zen Pinball or

  • News Zen Studios' First PopCap Pinball Table Launching Soon

    Plants vs. Pinball

    Hungarian developer Zen Studios may be working on a cavalcade of other properties – including the exciting looking KickBeat for Vita – but it has not forgotten about its most important title: Zen Pinball. With the sequel to the well-supported simulation on the horizon, the developer has announced that its first collaboration...

  • News The Avengers Assemble for New Marvel Pinball Table

    Assembly line

    As far as timing goes, it’s hard to imagine this Avengers themed Marvel Pinball announcement coming at a better moment. Zen Studios has hopped onto the PlayStation Blog to announce the impending release of the just launched film's digital pinball adaptation. It's set to ship as part of the upcoming Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicle

  • News Zen Pinball 2 Rolls Out on PS3 and Vita This Spring


    If the recently announced Pinball Arcade wasn’t enough to wet your flip-happy whistle, then you might be excited (and somewhat surprised) to learn that Zen Pinball 2 is on the way too. Developer Zen Studios announced the PS3 and PS Vita follow-up overnight, meaning, like the Pinball Arcade, you’ll now be able to challenge your...

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A pinball platform for PlayStation 3 and Vita.