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Street Fighter X Tekken News


  • News Cross-Controller Compatibility Coming to Street Fighter X Tekken

    Touchy feely

    Those of you that purchase the upcoming PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken will be able to use the handheld console as a controller for the PS3 game. The enhanced compatibility will allow you to use the portable’s touch-screen as an added input for the console release. Furthermore, fans of the fighter will be...



  • News Touch This Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Trailer

    Crossover chaos

    If the thought of Jack-X and touch-activated combos gets you a little bit hot under the collar, then you’ll probably want to open a window before you watch this Street Fighter X Tekken Vita trailer. The title – which is due out later this year – includes a handful of new combatants, in addition to a full character customisation...


  • News Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Gets PS3 Cross-Platform Play

    Take the fight to the streets

    Capcom's portable scrapper Street Fighter X Tekken will let Vita owners face off against PS3 players, as the publisher has confirmed cross platform multiplayer for its upcoming title. The best part is the multiplayer supports 3G communications, so you can get involved in a good scrap wherever you are — as long as...


  • News SF X Tekken Brings Crossover Chaos to Vita This Fall

    12 additional characters on the cards

    Capcom’s confirmed that the PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken won’t make it out alongside its PlayStation 3 counterpart next month, opting to wait in the sidelines until the Fall. Despite the delay, fans can look forward to a significantly boosted roster, with 12 additional characters...


  • News 38 Third-Party PS Vita Games Headed to Europe


    We already knew PS Vita would be supported with such interesting third-party offerings as Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Touch My Katamari and Army Corps of Hell, but we had no idea the handheld would house such mystifying titles as Dragon's Racing and Putty Squad. Below you'll find the full list of third-party offerings currently in...


  • Talking Point Why Push PlayStation Vita to 2012?

    Part one: Wii are watching U

    The sound of thousands of shattered Christmas wishes echoed across the globe last week, as Sony revealed that PS Vita won't reach North America and Europe until 2012. The company maintained all along that the system would launch in the "global market" by the end of 2011, technically exonerating as PS Vita will release in...

  • News Street Fighter X Tekken Producer on PS Vita

    How will it differ from other versions?

    Street Fighter X Tekken Producer Yoshinori Ono recently discussed the unique features Capcom is hoping to bring to the PS Vita version of the game, detailing the cross-over fighter during EVO 2011. Ono confirmed that his team is working hard to integrate Continuation Play, which allows users to seamlessly...


  • News Capcom Bringing Street Fighter X Tekken to Vita

    Along with Cole MacGrath

    Capcom's upcoming franchise-melding brawler, Street Fighter X Tekken is about to get one more franchise thrown into the mix. Announced by Capcom's Yoshino Ono during Sony's E3 presentation, it was revealed that exclusive to the PlayStation versions of the game would be an extra playable character — InFAMOUS' Cole MacGrath!...