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1 (Single Player)
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PlayStation Store

  • EU 11th Sep 2013, £3.99


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    Glitter bug

    The aim of Sparkle is to fling different coloured marbles at a procession of similarly styled balls that are rolling progressively closer to the centre of an on-screen maze. Put three of the same tinted spheres in a row and they will detonate, with your ultimate goal being to spontaneously combust all of the orbs as promptly as possible...

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About The Game

Embark on an extraordinary journey to uncover the secrets of Crowberry Woods. Banish the darkness with your Orb Slinger and reclaim your land!

The basic gameplay is simple: Tap where you want to shoot an Orb. Match three Orbs to make them disappear. Make several matches in row to earn powerups. Don't let the Orbs fall into the abyss!

Discover powerful amulets throughout your journey and change the rules of the game in your favor.