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PlayStation Vita

  • JP 26th Nov 2016


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Net High News

  • News Expose the Internet's Lies in PS Vita Exclusive Net High

    Take out the trolls

    Online flame wars have become such a big part of our everyday life that it's a surprise no one has made a game about them before. Fortunately, there's Net High – a PlayStation Vita exclusive which sees you attempting to uncover the lies of idiots on the Internet in order to steal their Twitter followers. Or something. The...

  • News PS Vita Exclusive Net High Makes Flame Wars a Mechanic

    You, sir, are a liar

    There's a good chance that while you've never been in a real fight, you've probably engaged in the odd flame war from time to time. As we move into an age of introversion and social network skirmishes, it's strange that it's taken this long for the industry to parody it in a game. Fortunately, the intriguing Net High is all...


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About The Game

Game about online flame wars.