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1 (Single Player)
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PlayStation Store

  • EU 19th Dec 2012, £7.99
  • US 22nd Jan 2013, $9.99
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  • Review escapeVektor (PlayStation Vita)

    The great escape

    Part of what makes escapeVektor so charming is how wonderfully simplistic it is. The title's Pac-Man-esque gameplay sees you navigating minimalistic mazes in order to open up an exit, all the while avoiding deadly traps that threaten to thwart your progress. It's a really basic idea, but despite its lack of complex mechanics, the...

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escapeVektor Screenshot
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escapeVektor Screenshot
escapeVektor Screenshot

escapeVektor News

  • News escapeVektor Cuts a Path onto North American Vitas Next Week

    Head on collision

    After launching in Europe late last year, Australian indie developer Nnooo [sigh – Ed] has attached a 22nd January North American release date to its PlayStation Vita puzzler escapeVektor. The title will set you back $9.99, a fair price for an adventure with no less than 150 levels. Blimey. The game itself is an ambitious mix of...

  • News escapeVektor Makes a Swift Exit on PlayStation Vita Next Week

    Last in, first out

    Forget about escapeVector, we’re more taken with Australian developer Nnooo’s name. Imagine trying to schedule a meeting at the bank with a title like that. It would be a disaster. “Could you please tell us the name of your company for the diary, sir?” the receptionist would ask. “Nnooo,” you’d respond. Everyone...

About The Game

Vektor is has been imprisoned inside the CPU and he needs your help to escape.

Take control of Vektor and escape the cunning CPU using the abilities Vektor will hack for you. There are 150* nodes (levels) and 27* zones (worlds) to escape from. In each level there are enemies and obstacles for you to overcome before you can escape as well as online leaderboards to compete on.

Vektor needs your help, please don’t fail him now...