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  • US 15th Apr 2014, $7.99
  • EU 16th Apr 2014
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  • Review Dead Nation (PlayStation Vita)

    The portable dead

    Dead Nation was announced for the PlayStation Vita at E3 last year, and then was promptly forgotten about. A port for the PlayStation 4 came and went, offering the ultimate version of the zombie-filled twin stick shooter for fans who wanted better graphics and all of the DLC. Finally, almost as an afterthought, Housemarque’s...

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Dead Nation Screenshot
Dead Nation Screenshot
Dead Nation Screenshot
Dead Nation Screenshot
Dead Nation Screenshot
Dead Nation Screenshot

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  • News Vita Will Be Rotting Away This Week with Dead Nation

    Walking with the dead

    If you haven't already had your fill of the apocalyptic blast-'em-up that is Dead Nation, you'll be able to experience it on the go very soon. Originally shown at E3 2013, the zombie infested shooter is finally making its way to the PlayStation Vita this week in North America and Europe. Both the PlayStation 4 version, which...

About The Game


“The dead have risen – terrifying, man-eating zombies are on the loose. Scientists have confirmed a monstrous virus is killing people and reanimating their corpses. These creatures crave blood so if you see them run, run for your lives.”

Download Dead Nation™ to fight through a zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic world and find the cure that could save humanity from extinction. The dead walk – make sure they don’t walk very far.