Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation Portable

  • US 2nd Nov 2010
  • EU 19th Nov 2010


  • Review EyePet (PlayStation Portable)

    Remember: a dog is not just for Christmas, but an Eye Pet is

    If we were presented with Eye Pet PSP as a child on Christmas morning, we'd have been beyond delighted. The game's low on content, but the initial "wow" factor of watching a desk, table, car-backseat or garden transform into a variety of environments in which the Eye Pet can play...


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About The Game

It's time to let EyePet discover the outside world!

Let EyePet out of the house and explore your world together. Why not take a stroll in the garden or look for treasures buried in the sand?

Packed with toys and activities to exercise your Pet's brain, body and creativity, you can even create new toys from your own drawings.

When it's time to go, let your Pet jump into your PSP and look after him while on the move!