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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 3rd Oct 2012, $0.49
  • EU 3rd Oct 2012, £0.40
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    Twitchy thumb syndrome

    Fuel Tiracas is wonderfully compelling. You'll approach it with the intent of a quick five minute session, but will no doubt end up pouring the best part of an hour into it. And it's all because of the game's pesky leaderboards. You'll want, no, need to shave a few seconds off your personal best in order to climb the high...

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Fuel Tiracas Screenshot
Fuel Tiracas Screenshot
Fuel Tiracas Screenshot
Fuel Tiracas Screenshot

About The Game

So you think you're fast? You had better be, because an entire planet's environment depends on it!

Planet Tiracas needs an atmosphere, but its air-producing power stations require a fine balance of precious minerals to kick-start their nuclear reactors. Fusing 'Whack-A-Mole', 'Spinning Plates' and 'Simon Says' gameplay in a vacuum pressurised sci-fi settings, Fuel Tiracas is the ultimate test of fast reactions, memory and time management ability!