Number of Players
1 (Single Player) (8 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation Store

  • US 8th Aug 2023
  • EU 8th Aug 2023
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About The Game

Tower of Fantasy is a free, immersive open-world multiplayer RPG that combines stunning visuals, diverse exploration, and captivating storytelling.

You can play as a Wanderer and battle alongside your fellow companions as you go on adventures through Aida, which has succumbed to a catastrophic energy crisis and engage in battles. Uncover the hidden truths from a veil of conspiracy within the Tower of Fantasy!

Humanity finds itself plunged into a crisis due to the Omnium they've acquired. A story of cutting-edge tech and the salvation for humanity unfolds before us. Can this planet be reborn in this wasteland? Will this world find salvation? Or is it headed for an apocalypse? It all depends on you.

Embark on an adventure through expansive Open World exploration

Engage in an epic adventure set in various breathtaking environments, including sci-fi wastelands, cyberpunk cities, undersea worlds, and the enchanting Eastern realm of 'Domain 9'.

Experience exploration gameplay that offers maximum freedom, such as climbing and swimming! Immerse yourself in a realistic ecosystem with a day and night cycle, as well as a live weather system.

Explore a vast world in your vehicles forged with state-of-the-art tech and obtain rewards by uncovering secrets through combat.

[Action Combat, Flexible Class Changes]

Experience the thrill of combat and swap out numerous weapons without class limitations! Enjoy exhilarating combats with weapon-based combos.

Enjoy outstanding action gameplay with improved controls and optimized quirks and impacts.

[Combat With Your Simulacra]

Fight against enemies alongside your various Simulacra! They will be your short blades and sturdy shields!
Unique stories and a Simulacra communications system also await you! Please check out the hidden story behind the Simulacra!

[My Pioneer Appearance]

Personalize your Pioneers with revolutionary customizations!

From facial features and hairstyles to physique... The power to freely customize your characters awaits you! Pigtails, a wide range of eye colors, ombre hair, trendy outfits... All of this is available for you at Tower of Fantasy!

[Adventure With Fellow Wanderers]

Interact with other Wanderers and befriend them! With your friends, try to take down bosses or uncover secrets by taking pictures. Of course, you can also enjoy solo adventures if that's your preference too. It's totally up to you!