Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 5

  • US 24th Oct 2024
  • EU 24th Oct 2024
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About The Game

It is the Imperial year 1000. Terrifying fiends plague the land and various nations struggle to contend with both this incursion and their own internal conflicts. The people wait in hope for the fulfilment of an ancient legend that foretells the coming of seven great heroes who will save their ravaged kingdoms.

Then, one fated day, Avalon, the capital of the Varennes Empire, is suddenly and brutally attacked. The aggressor is none other than Kzinssie, one of the seven heroes of legend. The people are crushed underfoot and Prince Victor, the brave and noble heir to the imperial throne, is slain.

The citizens of the empire are overcome with despair in the realization that the legends were false, but Victor’s father, Emperor Leon, swears his vengeance on the Seven and their mighty powers.

He uses the fabled “inheritance magic” bestowed by the seeress Orieve to pass his powers on to his other son Gerard, trading his own life for a chance for his heir to strike back.

This act marked the first chapter in a deadly tale of a war fought long ago, an epoch-spanning struggle between the imperial line of Varennes and the Seven Heroes.