Number of Players
4 (6 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation 5

  • US 19th Aug 2022
  • EU 19th Aug 2022
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Madden NFL 23 Screenshot
Madden NFL 23 Screenshot
Madden NFL 23 Screenshot
Madden NFL 23 Screenshot
Madden NFL 23 Screenshot

Madden NFL 23 News

About The Game

Introducing the FieldSENSE™ Gameplay System in Madden NFL 23

Providing the foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay, FieldSENSE equips players with more control at all positions in every mode. FieldSENSE leverages animation branching technology and a suite of new user control mechanics for a seamless gameplay flow with authentic results on every play.

360° Cuts
More freedom & fluidity as the ball-carrier to hit the gaps you want to hit, plant-and-go, and elude defenders to break more big plays.

Skill-Based Passing
Place every pass where only your receiver can catch with this all-new way to pass. Skill-based passing introduces a new accuracy reticle & passing meter.

Hit Everything
Be more disruptive on defense. The addition of animation branching technology enables next-gen Hit-Stick physics so you can perform mid-air knockouts, hit the pile to assist in tackles already in progress, blow up blocks & force turnovers with stand up tackles.

Game Modes
Face of the Franchise: The League
Negotiate a 1-yr contract with any team in your 5th NFL season, strive for highest tier of prestige on the Road to 99. New position mechanics (QB, WR, RB, CB, MLB) enabled by FieldSENSE* & player-focused cams add gameplay depth.

New athlete motivations drive contract negotiations, updated Trade Logic AI.

Madden Ultimate Team
Build a dream roster of NFL stars & HoF legends, 1st-ever Madden Ultimate Team™ Field Pass, Earn MUT Champions entry tokens, compete at your convenience.