Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment


PlayStation 5
Yakuza Studio


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User Ratings: 62

Our Review: 8/10

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  • Game of the Year Best PS5, PS4 Story or Writing of 2021

    Penned in

    Stories, characters, and the writing that brings them all together are elements of video games that many (including ourselves) would consider hugely important. There's nothing quite like a gripping plot, so we wanted to highlight the games that held a particularly tight grip on our attention through high quality writing. As chosen by the...


  • Poll Did You Buy Lost Judgment?

    Lost and found

    The anticipated sequel to the excellent Judgment is here, and would you believe that it's actually pretty good? It's almost as though developer RGG Studio can do no wrong, but we must admit that we're beginning to burn out on Yakuza-style games. It's easy to forget that we've already had the PS5 versions of both the aforementioned...

  • Round Up Lost Judgment Reviews Are Off to a Great Start, But Story Is Dividing Opinion

    Case not quite closed

    Reviews for Lost Judgment are starting to appear online, and at first glance, it's looking like RGG Studio has done it again. The action RPG is getting high scores pretty much across the board, but there's already some in-depth discussion over the game's story, which deals with some very mature themes. Meanwhile, our own...

  • Site News Lost Judgment PS5 Review - Where Is It?

    Still on the case

    The embargo for Lost Judgment reviews is up today, but the Push Square verdict is still being decided. That's because Lost Judgment is a big game, and simply put, we're nowhere near finished playing through it. We're around 33 hours in at the time of writing, and we're absolutely swamped in optional activities and side quests. The...

  • News Lost Judgment DLC Detailed, 2022 Expansion Lets You Play as Kaito

    Yo, Tak!

    Lost Judgment is getting three rounds of DLC post-launch, one of which is a proper expansion. It's a first for Yakuza developer RGG Studio, which has only dabbled in small add-ons previously. And yes, you read the headline correctly. Set to release in Spring 2022, 'The Kaito Files' is described as a ten-hour, story-driven expansion where...


  • News Lost Judgment Trophy List Requires Charm and Commitment

    Another Platinum for the collection?

    The Lost Judgment Trophy list has popped up on Exophase ahead of its release towards the end of next month, giving us a look at the sort of tasks required to unlock the Platinum Trophy. And if you've ever played the original game or an entry in the Yakuza franchise then this latest lot of trinkets will look very...

  • News Lost Judgment's English Voice Cast Feature in New Trailer

    Make your judgments now

    Greg Chun will reprise his role as detective Takayuki Yagami in Lost Judgment, if you select the English language option. For the recent round of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio titles, SEGA has dubbed the original Japanese releases to make them more inviting to those who don’t want to read subtitles. While it can look and sound a...

  • News Looks Like Lost Judgment's Getting a Demo

    Judge for yourself

    A new PlayStation Network listing would suggest that upcoming action RPG Lost Judgment is getting a demo. Pulled up from Sony's database by automated Twitter account PSN releases, the supposed demo was added to the Japanese and Asian sides of the network on PS4. It could be that the demo will be exclusive to Japan and other Asian...

  • News Extended Lost Judgment Story Trailer Is Seriously Intense

    Lest ye be judged

    Lost Judgment has a new extended story trailer fresh from Gamescom 2021, and the sequel continues to look like it'll be another engrossing adventure. The video introduces the game's plot, showing off both old and new characters, with protagonist Takayuki Yagami once again tangled up in a horrible murder case. As you'd expect,...

  • News Lengthy Lost Judgment Gameplay Videos Show Off Just About Everything

    Back in Tak

    If you're familiar with Yakuza games, then you already know how Lost Judgment is going to play. The sequel to 2019's fantastic Judgment, players will once again be plopped into the bright white sneakers or private detective Takayuki Yagami. You'll tackle the intense drama of a murder case in the main story, while numerous — often...




  • News New Judgment Game Teased Through Tiny Gameplay Clips

    Let the investigation begin

    It would appear that footage from a new Judgment game — we assume a sequel — is being posted on Twitter through the title's official accounts. We're talking super short clips here, without any sound, but they're definitely not taken from the Judgment that we know. Again, the clips are completely new, and with...