Number of Players
1 (Single Player) (6 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation Store

  • US 24th Mar 2023
  • EU 24th Mar 2023
PSVR Support
PlayStation VR2 (Required)
Controller Support
Feature Support


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About The Game

An arcade Kart racing game focusing in combat and the use of individual skill of each driver. In a Galaxy full of crazy racers an amazing championship decides who is the best driver of all! Not only the racers can get weapons in the tracks, each one of them have individual skills!

Immerse yourself in a Kart game where each one of the powerups can be grabbed and used by the movements of your HANDS!

Try each one of the diverse 9 characters and release a unique skill to overtake all the others!

Multiplayer mode available up to 6 players.

Bringing Virtual Reality to the Next Generation, be ready to experience several tracks that are the home world of our Galaxy competitor.