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  • News DIRT 5 Introducing Cross-Play Multiplayer in Free Game Update

    Everyone's mucking in

    It seems Codemasters is dedicated to improving and adding to DIRT 5, the rough and ready cross-gen racer. It's a fun off-road racing title, even if it did launch with one or two issues, but the developer has been smoothing things out since release, as well as adding new content. The latest update is due tomorrow — 11th May...




  • News DIRT 5 Dev 'Not Happy' with DualSense Haptic Feedback on PS5

    Aiming to overhaul controller feedback

    We really like DIRT 5 on PlayStation 5. It brings some easy-going, arcadey thrills and spills to the launch lineup, taking advantage of that souped-up hardware. However, one aspect that needs a little attention is its implementation of haptic feedback on the DualSense controller. Currently, the force feedback...

  • News DIRT 5 Next-Gen Face-Off Is Favourable for PS5

    Racer running well on Sony's console

    Another multiformat game has posted mostly comparable results on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, although once again Sony’s system seems to have the advantage – at least, until DIRT 5 receives further updates. Right now, the PS5 has a higher average resolution and improved texture filtering in the...

  • News DIRT 5 Patch 1.04 Available Now PS5 and PS4, Here Are the Patch Notes

    DualSense refinements, V-Sync, more

    A game update for DIRT 5 is now available to download for both the PlayStation 5 and PS4 versions. The off-road racer launched in decent shape, but it wasn't without some issues. One of the biggest complaints was prominent screen-tearing, and another issue saw the title fail to recognise save data from previous...

  • News DIRT 5 PS5 Gameplay Video Details Next-Gen Enhancements

    Codemasters talks up DualSense, 3D audio, more

    DIRT 5 releases this week on PlayStation 4, but many will be waiting for that souped-up PS5 version. Fortunately, Codemasters has finally seen fit to show off that particular iteration of this off-road racer. The above video gives us a look at PS5 gameplay footage, and the game certainly has an edge...


  • News DIRT 5 Finally Confirmed for PS5 Launch, Full DualSense Support

    4K and 120 frames-per-second options

    There were very few doubts that DIRT 5 would miss the PlayStation 5’s launch, but now we have official confirmation from Codemasters that the off-road racer will be joining the next-gen console’s release roster. That means that you’ll be able to play from 12th November in the United States and select other...

  • News DIRT 5 Trophies Show a Smooth Road to the Platinum

    Comfy ride

    DIRT 5 might provide a messy drive in all its off-road events, but getting the platinum Trophy looks like a clean victory. The PlayStation 4 Trophy list has emerged online, and unless we're mistaken, it looks as though it'll be pretty simple to grab all those trinkets. That's not to say there's no challenge whatsoever. There are some...


  • News DIRT 5, Maneater Saves Won't Transfer from PS4 to PS5

    But looks like you'll get new Trophies

    Like many other games, DIRT 5 and Maneater will receive free PS4 to PS5 upgrades – but there is a catch, as you’ll need to start both titles over. Sony’s approach to cross-save appears to be down to developers to implement; Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will allow you to transfer your progress...

  • News Rally Fans Wait Patiently for DIRT 5's PS5 Release Date

    12th November, maybe

    Release dates are beginning to trickle in for PlayStation 5’s launch games, but DIRT 5 is currently one conspicuous absentee. Codemasters has confirmed that the rally game will release on 6th November on the PlayStation 4 and 10th November on the Xbox Series S|X, but Sony’s next-gen console currently finds itself stuck with...

  • News DIRT 5 Stuck in the Mud with Delay to November on PS4

    Still no date on PS5 version

    DIRT 5 is on the way by the end of the year, and it's been looking mighty strong so far. The off-road racer reverts back to the less serious days of DIRT 2 and 3, bringing with it a career mode and story as well as a way to build your own racing arenas. It seems to all be going well, but Codemasters has decided the game...



  • News New DIRT 5 Video Mucks In with Stampede Time Trial Gameplay

    Muddy waters

    We have to say, DIRT 5 is looking pretty darn good. Taking the series back to its more arcadey roots, this cross-gen entry could be one of PlayStation 5's first great racing games. It's looking like a lot of fun in this new gameplay clip, which shows off a time trial event on a Stampede track. The video shows how you'll be able to...

  • News Codemasters Confirms DIRT 5 Free PS5 Upgrade Option, Returning Modes with New Trailer

    Trade in the old model

    Update (15/7/20): Codemasters has officially released the above DIRT 5 trailer after it leaked earlier this month. To recap, the latest video goes over returning game modes, such as Gymkhana, and also confirms a free upgrade to the PS5 version if you buy a PS4 copy. You can read up on it over on the PlayStation Blog...

  • News DIRT 5 on PS5 Will Have an Option for 120 Frames-Per-Second

    Smooth ride

    As usual, racing games will play a big role in showcasing next generation hardware. With titles like Gran Turismo Sport or DriveClub, the genre is often home to some of the best looking games around, and that will continue as we head towards PlayStation 5. Case in point: DIRT 5 from Codemasters. It was stated a while back that the Xbox...

  • News There's a Lot of Variety in DIRT 5's Car Classes

    New info and screenshots released

    Codemasters has lifted the lid just a little more on DIRT 5, the upcoming, cross-gen, off-road racer. We recently learned more about its ambitious career mode, but today is all about the vehicles themselves. The publisher has revealed numerous car classes within the game, and it seems there will be plenty of...