Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion


PlayStation 4
Ubisoft Toronto


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User Ratings: 12

Our Review: 5/10

Watch Dogs Legion News


  • News Ubisoft Pulls the Plug on Watch Dogs Legion PS5, PS4 Updates


    Ubisoft’s post-release support for many of its games is spectacular, but the French publisher has pulled the plug on Watch Dogs Legion. While it has delivered all of the add-ons and extras it promised prior to release, we do get the sense that if the title had performed better, it may have committed more support to the release. As it is,...




  • News Watch Dogs Legion Adding PS5 Performance Mode on 1st June

    And other surprises incoming

    Watch Dogs Legion’s previously promised 60 frames-per-second update for PlayStation 5 will begin rolling out on 1st June. This is all part of the release’s revised roadmap, which will also see the addition of pensioner Helen as a new playable operative and cross-gen multiplayer between PS5 and PS4. Ubisoft’s also...

  • News Watch Dogs Legion Adds New Character, Missions, and Operatives

    DJs, First Responders, and mind control

    Watch Dogs Legion has added a ton of new content today – a lot of which is free for everyone! As part of a new update on PlayStation 5 and PS4, you’ll be able to recruit two new types of operative to your team: a DJ and First Responder. Both have unique abilities associated with their jobs, so the First...





  • News Watch Dogs Legion Delays Online Mode to Early 2021

    To focus on single player fixes

    Ubisoft has delayed the online mode planned for Watch Dogs Legion to early 2021 so that it can "focus on fixing issues with single player". The multiplayer offering, which plans to offer four-player co-op and the classic Invasion mode from the first game, was planned to arrive next week. There's no word on whether...



  • News Watch Dogs Legion Adds the Iconic Aiden Pearce, Stormzy

    Wait, what?

    We can't say we ever thought we would write a headline including the names Aiden Pearce and Stormzy, but it's 2020 and quite literally anything can happen. Yes, the UK superstar and the iconic protagonist we all know and love named Aiden Pearce will both feature in Watch Dogs Legion when it hits PlayStation 4 at the end of next month...



  • Rumour Watch Dogs Legion Will Be a PS5 Launch Game

    Set to "debut" with next-gen consoles

    Watch Dogs Legion was originally scheduled to release on the 6th March 2020. Kind of weird to think about, isn't it? But even before this whole coronavirus thing began, Ubisoft delayed Legion and a number of other titles that it still has in the works, including Gods & Monsters and Rainbow Six: Quarantine...






  • News All Clues Point to a London Setting for Watch Dogs 3

    Oi oi

    Watch Dogs 3 will very likely be revealed at E3 this year. The sequel's been rumoured for what feels like an age, and in a year when Ubisoft has said that Assassin's Creed will be taking a break, it makes sense for the open world hack-a-thon to make a return in its absence. It's also long been rumoured that Watch Dogs 3 will take place in...