Smashbox Arena

Smashbox Arena (PS4)


PlayStation 4
Archiact Interactive
BigBox VR


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User Ratings: 1

Our Review: 6/10


Number of Players
Single Player (6 Player Online)
FPS, Sports
Release Date

PlayStation Store

  • 25th Jul 2017
  • 25th Jul 2017
Controller Support
PlayStation Move
Feature Support
PlayStation VR

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Smashbox Arena Screenshot
Smashbox Arena Screenshot
Smashbox Arena Screenshot
Smashbox Arena Screenshot
Smashbox Arena Screenshot


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    Smash 'n' grab

    Smashbox Arena is like a goofy PlayStation VR mix of SOCOM and dodgeball. Wielding two required PlayStation Move motion controllers, you’re armed with suction weapons that can be used to catch balls and propel them in the opposite direction. Your goal is to fling said spherical shapes in the direction of your opponent in order to...

About The Game

An action-packed multiplayer VR game, Smashbox Arena throws players into a shootout battle of team versus team, power-up versus power-up. Combatants can play single-player, party up with their friends, or face off against opponents across the globe. Dive into cover, dodge and volley enemy shots, then strike back with insane power-up combos. Designed from ground up for VR, this competitive team shooter offers a 360 degree world full of stylish art, hilarious characters, and a range of wild physics-driven power-ups to crush the competition with. Ready, set, Smash!