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Saints Row News


  • News New Saints Row Customisation Showcase Is Crazy In-Depth

    Character, vehicles, weapons, the lot

    Yes, there is total character creation and customisation in the new Saints Row, and yes, it seems to be even more in-depth than it was in previous games (which is saying quite a lot). The upcoming sandbox just got a fresh trailer that takes you through all of the ways that you can shape your own boss, and it...

  • News Big Saints Row Showcase Set for Next Week

    Focus on character creation

    And here we were, just thinking that it's about time we saw more of the new Saints Row! The upcoming sandbox title will show off its supposedly in-depth customisation system next week, on the 20th April. Said showcase will go live on both YouTube and Twitch. Often absurd character customisation has always been a staple...



  • News Saints Row Delayed All the Way Back to August 2022

    Team needs more time

    The release schedule for February 2022 just got slightly lighter as developer Volition confirms it has delayed Saints Row to 23rd August 2022. The game was originally launching on the same day as Elden Ring for PlayStation 5 and PS4. Now it becomes a summer release, lending the studio more time "to create the best Saints Row...




  • News Yes, Saints Row 5 Is Still In Development

    Just to confirm

    Saints Row The Third is coming to PlayStation 4 next month by way of a remaster, but that doesn't mean the series' next instalment has been put on hold. As previously reported, Saints Row 5 (or whatever it ends up being called) is happening, and the official Twitter account has reiterated that, yes, the game is still in development...


  • News New Saints Row Game to Be Revealed in 2020

    "Saints Row is very close to our hearts"

    We've known since August that a new Saints Row game is in development. It's been a long, long time since the chaotic open world series last graced us with a new entry. Saints Row IV, the last full title in the franchise, launched all the way back in 2013. Since then, we've seen it remastered on PlayStation 4,...