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  • US 17th Feb 2015, $4.99
  • EU 18th Feb 2015, £3.99


  • Review Resogun: Defenders (PlayStation 4)

    Offence is the best form of defence

    Goodbye doesn't always have to be the saddest word – it can be explosive, too. Resogun: Defenders marks the last of the post-launch expansions for Housemarque's critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 shoot-'em-up, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it's something of a humdinger. Packing two brand new modes – Protector...

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Resogun: Defenders Screenshot
Resogun: Defenders Screenshot
Resogun: Defenders Screenshot
Resogun: Defenders Screenshot

Resogun: Defenders News

  • News Resogun: Defenders Makes a Final Stand Next Week

    Free update Resogun: Challengers out today

    Resogun is still, in this editor's humble opinion, the best game on the PlayStation 4. That's not a slight against the next-gen system's software offering – it's a testament to just how good Housemarque's cylindrical shooter is. And fortunately, the Finnish developer is continuing to support the arcade...

  • News PS4 Favourite Resogun Goes Commando in New Expansion

    Defend the last humans

    PlayStation Experience hasn’t even started yet, and it already feels like Sony’s dropping bombs all over the place. If confirmation of the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of Resogun wasn’t enough, Housemarque has now revealed Resogun: Defenders, the second PlayStation 4 expansion for its

About The Game

Final expansion pack for Resogun, featuring Commando and Protector modes.