Mad Max

Mad Max


PlayStation 4
Warner Bros
Avalanche Studios


Game Rating

User Ratings: 97

Our Review: 6/10

Mad Max News


  • Soapbox Why Mad Max Is a Hugely Overlooked Game

    Sam Brooke on a world gone mad

    Mad Max didn't really make any Game of the Year lists, yet I feel that it's been hugely overlooked, and that it has plenty to offer. The game, on paper, should've just been another boring Ubisoft open-worlder: camps to infiltrate, viewpoints to climb up to and survey, skill trees, upgrades, and all the usual stuff...

  • News Mad Max Rides at a Reduced Rate in All-New EU Sale

    Max power

    The second window on SCEE's big 12 Deals of Christmas promotion has popped open, with Mad Max waiting on the other side. You'll be able to spend your holidays with Avalanche Studios' wasteland wander at half price if you purchase the game before 5th December from the European PlayStation Store. This is the initiative's second deal, with...


  • News Here's Mad Max's Huge Open World Map From End to End

    That's a lot of dust

    Mad Max has had the misfortune of releasing on the same day as one of the most highly anticipated titles of 2015, and although we doubt that it'll be able to outperform Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain when it comes to sales, it still looks like a decent enough open world romp all the same. And, as with any game that's got...







  • News Avalanche Pulls the Trigger on Mad Max Footage

    Soul of a man

    Swedish outfit Avalanche Studios has put its foot down on the first in-engine footage of Mad Max. The title – which is set to shoot up the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 – will depict the eponymous hero’s plight, as he attempts to recover his lost vehicle, the Interceptor, from a barren desert wasteland. Despite being dubbed a...