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About The Game

The world remains in eternal darkness and only you can bring the dawn.

Enlist in the ranks of The Light Brigade, humanity’s last line of defense, and journey through procedurally-generated battlegrounds as many times as it takes to free the souls of the fallen trapped within.

  • PHYSICS-BASED GUNPLAY: Realistic gunplay inspired by historical World War weaponry creates tense battles against increasingly difficult enemy soldiers, creatures, and bosses. In VR, aiming, shooting, and reloading bolt-action rifles, machine guns and pistols feels highly immersive and tactile.
  • POWERFUL LIGHT MAGIC ABILITIES: Powerful light magic pairs beautifully with gunplay. From infusing your rifle's bullets with light magic to raining fireballs on enemy hordes, magic spells complement your rifle by adding more combat tools to your arsenal.
  • DEEP ROGUELIKE MECHANICS: Start your run with a standard-issue rifle and loot for powerful attachments like explosive charms, poison gun barrels, tactical scopes, silencers, and more. If you fall to enemy fire, survive long enough to retrieve your fallen soul or lose your run progress to permadeath.
  • UPGRADE EQUIPMENT & UNLOCK NEW CLASSES: Cleanse the souls of the fallen to climb the ranks of The Light Brigade and spend rank points to upgrade your weapon, passive abilities, and spells. Unlock new player classes and gain access to new weapons, loadouts and play styles, adding even more variety to your runs.
  • THE POWER OF TAROT CARDS: Loot treasure chests and enemies during your run to collect an array of magical tarot cards, each with unique powers, buff/debuffs and passive abilities. Acquire stronger versions of these cards to create devastating stacking effects.
  • INFINITE BATTLEGROUNDS, INFINITE RUNS: Infinitely procedurally-generated battlegrounds make each run completely unique, forcing you to traverse carefully through ever-changing hostile environments. Enemy soldiers lurk around every corner, so position and strategy is crucial for survival.
  • UNCOVER THE MYSTERY: What led to the world's downfall? What do the Obsidian Forces want? Uncover these mysteries and bring the world back from the brink of total darkness before it's too late.