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PlayStation 4

  • US 15th Nov 2013
  • EU 29th Nov 2013

PlayStation Plus Extra (Subscription)

  • 13th Jun 2022
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  • Review Knack (PlayStation 4)

    Old-school platformer, new-school technology

    Republished on Wednesday 31st January 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of February's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Way back in February of this year, millions of viewers around the world witnessed the reveal of...

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Knack News

  • News Sony Files New Trademark for the One and Only Knack

    Back in Knack

    Is Knack coming back?! PlayStation's most prodigious platforming hero hasn't been seen since the (honestly, rather good) Knack 2, which released back in 2017 — so we're coming up on five whole Knack-less years, if you can believe it. Anyway, Sony's filed a new Knack trademark in Japan, which has all of us Knackers on the edge of our...

  • Feature How to Prepare for the Second Coming of Knack

    The Knackening is upon us

    The glorious return of our PlayStation Lord and Saviour Knack is almost upon us. If you have not yet welcomed the greatest hero of our age into your life, then worry not, as you still have time to atone for your ignorance. How, you ask? Well for starters, you can follow the instructions that we've laid bare below. Complete...

  • Push Rewind Was Knack Really That Bad?

    The right to exist

    The week that was is no more.  We're bringing back the Push Rewind name after nearly a year of dormancy, but with a brand new meaning. Instead of a round-up of the previous week's news, we'll be taking a deep dive into games that are about to receive a sequel. This will exclude reboots, spiritual successors, side stories,...

  • News Game of the Year Knack Will Be Enhanced by PS4 Pro

    But what about Bloodborne?

    Knack may not be a bad game, but it's certainly become a laughing stock over the years. That's not stopping Sony from pouring even more effort into the outing, however, as Mark Cerny has quietly announced that the Japan Studio developed platformer will be upgraded to take advantage of the manufacturer's new PlayStation 4...

  • Weirdness Of Course Mark Cerny Platinumed PS4 Launch Title Knack

    Someone had to

    Mark Cerny is a busy man, but it seems that he still finds time to play the odd game. The new follow feature on the PlayStation 4 has proven a godsend for those who like to stalk their favourite gaming executives and have a nosy at their Trophies. And our very own Ben Potter noticed one pleasing tidbit while perusing the...

  • News There Are Only Ten of These Knack Statues in the World

    Cerny you want one

    Incredibly, it’s been a year since Knack first attacked the PlayStation 4 as a launch title – and in order to commemorate the occasion, Japan Studio has prepared ten ultra-rare statues, which will be given away at Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation Experience event. The trophy itself shows the titular hero standing alongside...

  • Weirdness What if PS4 Launch Hero Knack Was a Character in Killzone?


    It’s been ten years since this fresh faced editor first read about PlayStation 2’s supposed ‘Halo killer’ Killzone in one of the many gaming magazines around at the time. The series hasn’t gone on to become quite the commercial juggernaut that many predicted, but it’s still carved out a sizeable fanbase for itself, with each...

  • News Could Knack Possibly Make a Comeback? PS4 Architect Mark Cerny Would Like It To

    Indie-esque project next on the agenda

    PlayStation 4 exclusive Knack was easily the worst received of the next-gen console’s launch titles, securing a string of low scores around the web. However, it also attained a lot of press in the build up to release, primarily due to its ties to hardware architect – and industry legend – Mark Cerny...

  • News PS4 Exclusives Discounted on European PlayStation Store

    Knack punches Killzone's price

    The price of PlayStation 4 games have been nothing short of extortionate in the UK since launch, with some titles retailing at up to £64.99 ($110) depending on where you shop. Fortunately, the figures are slowly starting to come down, with both Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein: The New Order commanding much more manageable...

  • News Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Sprints Out of the Blocks, Knack Thumps the Summit

    Yakuza Ishin performs better on PS3

    With popular publication Famitsu already releasing its own PlayStation 4 sales figures for Japan, this week’s Media Create chart isn’t as interesting as it perhaps could be. Nevertheless, the research firm reports that the next-gen system sold 309,154 units during its first two days on the market – a figure...


  • Hands On PS4 Launch Title Knack Is Gradually Gathering Steam

    Bigger and better

    We’ve had a more turbulent relationship with Knack than the scorned lovers from Wuthering Heights. The throwback platformer in production at Sony’s recently rejuvenated Japan Studio disappointed us earlier in the year, prompting us to ponder the platform holder’s decision to put it at the forefront of the PlayStation 4’s...

  • First Impressions Stomping Around with Knack on PS4

    Hands-on gameplay reveals PS4 processing power

    With the number of games slated for the PS4 launch Knack may have slipped under the radar somewhat. However, PS4 System Architect Mark Cerny saw fit to take on the role of game designer and we think for good reason. The main character in the game is a Robot that attracts and controls a variety of relic...

About The Game

Knack is a fun-filled adventure of colossal proportions that invites players to wield fantastic powers and discover a unique and vibrant world.

Mankind must turn to Knack, an unlikely hero, to protect them from a dangerous new threat. The unassuming Knack stands at a mere three feet tall, but thanks to the power of mysterious ancient relics, he can transform into a powerful brute or even a gigantic wrecking machine. Knack is mankind’s only hope for turning the tide against the invading goblin army, but trying to harness the true power of the relics could threaten to put the whole world at risk. From Mark Cerny, one of the greatest minds in video games today, Knack is a fun-filled adventure of colossal proportions that invites players to wield fantastic powers and discover a unique and vibrant world, available exclusively for PlayStation®4.