Island Time VR

Island Time VR (PS4)


PlayStation 4
Flight School Studio
Flight School Studio


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Our Review: 4/10


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  • US 3rd Apr 2018
  • EU 3rd Apr 2018
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PlayStation Move
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PlayStation VR

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Island Time VR Screenshot
Island Time VR Screenshot
Island Time VR Screenshot


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    Island Time VR is a virtual reality, survival game in which you are stranded on an island with nothing but Carl the Crab – voiced by Greg Miller – to keep you company. Your aim is to survive as long as your depleting health will allow by consuming any food you can find, coconuts from trees, fish from the sea, or even a pesky seagull who...

About The Game

After a journey at sea, you are shipwrecked on a tiny island.

Using your wit, ingenuity and the advice of Carl the Crab, you must find a way to keep yourself from starving and survive. Craft tools, fend off creatures…Or you could just give up and die? Just enjoy the sunset while you can. Almost makes you forget that you're in a desperate struggle against your own mortality.