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  • US 2nd May 2017, $14.99
  • EU 2nd May 2017, £12.99
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  • Review GNOG (PS4)

    Use your GNOGgin

    PlayStation VR is still a young peripheral, and with that we’ve come to expect some growing pains. Dating back to the headset's launch, there’s been a surprisingly high volume of worthwhile titles offered, including some truly great games. But alongside that, there’s also been a glut of high-price, low-quality "experiences"...

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  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 2


    While the first episode of the new Push Play series focused on interesting soundtracks released in April, the follow-up issue is going to deal with releases from May. A wide range of styles of game was on offer this month, and with it came some incredibly varied soundtracks as well, including a surprising goldmine of VR music. GNOG:...

  • News Trippy PS4 Puzzler GNOG Gets Inside Your Head on 2nd May

    The miniaturist

    Bizarre PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR puzzler GNOG will get inside your head on 2nd May, publisher Double Fine has revealed. The trippy title essentially tasks you with tinkering with the heads of giant celestial space beings – or something like that, to be honest we're not entirely sure. The game will cost £12.99/$14.99, but...

  • News Get Inside GNOG's Head with Project Morpheus on PS4


    Project Morpheus is less than a year away from release, and we're finally starting to see the first trickle of software announced for the ambitious accessory. GNOG, the latest addition to Sony's popular Pub Fund programme, is due out in 2016 on the PlayStation 4 – and will be fully compatible with the console's virtual reality headset...

About The Game

Follow your mysterious ghostly companion among the gnogs: interconnected microcosms, each one a monster head filled with wondrous interactions. Immerse yourself in the rich, dynamic soundscapes of each gnog, while exploring their beautiful and unique interiors, uncovering each head's underlying mysteries and playful mechanics.