Number of Players
1 (Single Player) (8 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation Plus Essential (Subscription)

  • 6th Feb 2024 until 5th Mar 2024

PlayStation Store

  • US 6th Feb 2024
  • EU 6th Feb 2024
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Foamstars News

About The Game

Let the bubbles fly!

Get ready to join the foam-blasting frenzy in the new 4v4 foam-party shooter, as you blast through battles using foam to attack, build and defend!

Time to fight foam with foam!

Attack your opponents by dousing them with foam! Hit them enough and they’ll get foamed up, leaving them completely defenseless.

Create 3D battles with mountains of foam, as it builds and alters the terrain around you.

Mould the landscape to give your team the upper hand, and keep your opponents on their toes!

An exciting new way to battle!

Once you’ve got an opponent foamed up, surf at them at high speed to slide kick and knock them out of play!

But if someone on your team is foamed up, you can use the slide kick to rescue them and keep them in the match.

Meet the FOAMSTARS, the quirky and colourful cast of athletes taking part in the FOAMSMASH tournament.

Of the many great athletes taking part in the FOAMSMASH, only those few with enough charisma and skill will be crowned FOAMSTARS.

Each FOAMSTAR uses their own unique foam gun and skill set to fight, who will you choose as your champion?