Fated: The Silent Oath

Fated: The Silent Oath (PS4)


PlayStation 4
Frima Studios
Frima Studios


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User Ratings: 2

Our Review: 7/10


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Single Player
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  • US 28th Mar 2017, $9.99
  • EU 28th Mar 2017, £7.99
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PlayStation VR (Required)
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PlayStation VR
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Fated: The Silent Oath Screenshot
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  • Review Fated: The Silent Oath (PS4)

    Silent but deadly

    The launch of Sony's virtual reality headset served up an impressively strong start for the as-of-yet unproven technology. A large number of games, offering a rather impressive variety alongside some quality exclusives, made for an intriguing entry into the VR space. Unfortunately, since the exceptional launch, the PlayStation VR...

About The Game

FATED: The Silent Oath is a first-person immersive adventure set in the mythical age of Vikings and built specifically for Virtual Reality. Written by Assassin's Creed writer Jill Murray, FATED tells the story of the exile of a man and his family during Ragnarök – the end times. As he travels with them, he comes across a mix of touching and terrifying events, learning about himself and his loved ones, taking the players on an emotional rollercoaster that occurs all around them in 360 degrees.